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Lesson 2: Setting up your storefront

Let’s start with what’s included. This is about using the Uber Eats Manager portal, so it may be most useful if you’re a general or location manager.

Part 1: Customising your menu

Part 2: Managing operations

Part 3: Setting up your storefront

Part 4: Getting Manager for mobile

Part 1: Customising your menu

4 tips for creating a menu that drives sales

Make your dishes easy to customise.

Write thorough descriptions.

Add a clear photo for every item.

Organise your menu by cuisine, diet or dish type.

Menus that allow for customisation get over 20% more orders.*

Keep learning

3 ways to offer your customers more

  • Become an allergy-friendly restaurant

  • Allow customisations

  • Learn more


Part 2: Managing operations

7 things to start on first in your Manager portal

  • Define your hours so customers know when you’re open

  • Give customers accurate delivery and pick-up windows

  • Manage multiple locations from your account

  • Update payment information to make getting paid easy

  • Include your tax information to simplify tax season

  • Manage roles and permissions

  • Enable no-contact ordering for dine-in


Part 3: Setting up your storefront

'Our takeaway and delivery business went through the roof, and Uber Eats was an absolutely key part of what happened to us.'

3 ways to step up your storefront

  • Update your Stories regularly

  • Create a loyalty program

  • Connect your Instagram


Part 4: Getting Manager for mobile

The takeaway

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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Promoting your business