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Lesson 5: Building relationships with your customers

Let’s start with what’s included. This lesson shows you how and where to share your business story on Uber Eats so that you can build more meaningful connections with your customers.

Part 1: Instagram integration

Part 2: Customer reviews

Part 3: Top Eats

Part 1: Instagram integration

Bring your Uber Eats storefront to life with Instagram photos

Build your brand

Same photos, new audience

Show and sell

Stand out with photos that express your personality

Add your Instagram account in 3 steps

Step 1: Log in

Step 2: Authorise

Step 3: Check them out

Part 2: Customer reviews

Customer reviews help your business become even better

Build 1:1 relationships

Thank your customers

Never miss a review

Build relationships by listening and rewarding

Respond to customer reviews in 3 steps

Step 1: Log in

Step 2: Choose the review

Step 3: Message directly

Part 3: Top Eats

Top Eats recognition gets you more of the good stuff

Stand out

Increase visibility

Build trust

Get noticed for your hard work and high quality

Businesses earn Top Eats recognition by always delivering their best

Earn positive ratings

Complete all orders

Set clear business hours

Never miss an order

Fulfil orders accurately

Qualify as a Top Eats business

The takeaway

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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Analytics and insights