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Lesson 6: Using analytics and insights

Let’s start with what’s included. This lesson covers how to monitor your performance on Uber Eats, what you can learn from the numbers, and ways you can put your learnings into action.

Part 1: Track your performance

Part 2: Get actionable recommendations

Part 1: Track your performance

Make informed decisions backed by data

See what people are loving and where things could be improved

Track your performance week-over-week or year-over-year

Simplify operations and learn where you can maximise revenue

Go to the Analytics tab in your Uber Eats Manager to learn about your sales, operations and customers.




Part 2: Get actionable recommendations

Take the guesswork out of your decisions

Get actionable information that’s easy to understand and implement

See how your business is performing compared to your competitors

Identify areas for improvement so you can increase sales

Visit your Uber Eats Manager to find Insights

Stay ahead of the competition

Reply to reviews

Launch a promotion

Keep doing what you’re doing

The takeaway

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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Promoting your business

Building relationships with your customers