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Guidance for growing your way

From driving demand to simplifying operations, there’s a lot to balance when it comes to your business. Here’s a round up of tools and insights to help you stay ahead in a changing world.

Best practices and tips

Strategies for building, selling and marketing your business your way.

Small business marketing: 21 ways to grow your business

There have never been more opportunities to market your small business. Explore effective strategies to get noticed, attract more customers and drive sales.

Small business marketing: 21 ways to grow your business

There have never been more opportunities to market your small business. Explore effective strategies to get noticed, attract more customers and drive sales.

Small business marketing: 21 ways to grow your business

There have never been more opportunities to market your small business. Explore effective strategies to get noticed, attract more customers and drive sales.

How to build customer loyalty and trust in your business

A customer who makes one purchase is worth something — but a customer who keeps returning is worth much more. Get 6 strategies to improve trust in your business and gain loyal customers.

How to partner with a third-party delivery platform

Customers want to experience their favourite products in the comfort of their own spaces, and it’s in your best interest to meet that demand. Explore how to use third-party delivery platforms to grow your business.

How to increase restaurant sales: 13 practical ideas

All business owners can agree that it never hurts to drive more purchases. Here are 13 practical ideas you can try in your restaurant to increase sales and make a meaningful impact against your revenue goals.

How to track business expenses: 6 steps to follow

Tracking expenses is a fundamental part of running an efficient business. Discover 6 steps to help you track your business expenses easily and accurately.

6 effective ways to say thank you to customers

Saying thank you to your customers isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s also smart business. From notes to discounts, here are 6 effective ways to show your appreciation.

Best delivery options for small businesses

For small businesses, offering delivery gives you the chance to reach a larger customer base and drive new sales. Explore some of the main delivery options that can help your business grow.

How to create a restaurant marketing plan

A smart marketing strategy is the best way to bring in new customers and stay top of mind for those who already like you. Learn how to create a marketing plan that contributes to your restaurant’s growth.

What are KPIs in business?

Learn how to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) at your business, and why tracking them over time can help you make more informed, data-driven decisions.

What is white-label delivery?

With a white-label delivery solution, your business can add on-demand delivery to your own website or app—delighting loyal customers and streamlining operations in the process. Learn more.

How to respond to a bad review

Bad reviews hurt, but ignoring them can do more harm than good. Explore best practices and templates that can help you respond to bad reviews and safeguard your reputation with customers.

Building a unified brand experience across channels

Today, customers can interact with your business in a number of ways – from in-store visits to online orders. Creating a positive experience across these touch points can go a long way toward improving brand loyalty. Learn how.

How new restaurant technology can improve the customer experience

Using the latest restaurant tech is critical for delivering consistently great customer experiences. Learn how to be strategic so you’re equipped to meet evolving expectations.

8 effective grocery store marketing strategies

When it comes to grocery shopping, customers have no shortage of options at their fingertips. Explore 8 effective marketing strategies that can convince customers your store is the best option for meeting their grocery needs.

What is last-mile delivery? The problem and solutions

Getting products to their final order destination is often easier said than done. Learn more about the challenges of last-mile delivery and emerging solutions that can help businesses overcome them.

A guide to the retail customer experience

From your in-store atmosphere to the online shopping and delivery options you offer, explore strategies for building a strong customer experience at your retail business.

What is a virtual restaurant (and how do I start one)?

Explore how virtual restaurants, delivery-only concepts, can help you grow sales and experiment with new menu items directly from your existing kitchen.

Fulfilment rate 101: How to maximise every grocery order

Learn how monitoring your online fulfilment rate can help you manage inventory more effectively, improve customer experience and capture more revenue.

Restaurant data analytics: how to turn insights into action

Learn how leveraging data analytics at your restaurant can help you drive sales, manage the customer experience and control operations more strategically.

4 effective ways to increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to earning a strong brand reputation and winning repeat business. Explore ways to go above and beyond your product experience to build a happy customer base.

6 essential marketing tools for small businesses

Working at a small business, it’s important to find ways to do more with less. Explore different types of marketing tools that can help you drive growth while streamlining costs and operations.

Omnichannel grocery: a grocer’s guide to staying competitive

A strong omnichannel grocery strategy meets your customers where they are without sacrificing quality. Explore 4 ways to create a seamless, consistent experience across your in-store and online channels.

10 ways to promote and advertise your business

You don’t need an unlimited budget or dedicated team to promote your business effectively. These 10 tactics can help you reach more customers online and in your community without breaking the bank.

6 strategies for effectively engaging with customers

Effective customer engagement goes beyond the transaction of a sale. Explore ways to build rapport and interact more meaningfully with your customers.

6 tips for managing omnichannel grocery inventory

Now that many consumers prefer to buy groceries online, retailers need to take an omnichannel approach to inventory management. Explore 6 strategies for managing this process effectively.

How to get more reviews for your business

Online customer reviews are one of the most powerful ways to build brand awareness and earn customer trust. Learn how to ask for, manage and get more reviews across channels.

What is data visualisation? 8 essential types for businesses

Data is the key to smarter business decisions. Explore how different types of data visualisation can help you process large amounts of information, spot trends and improve your overall performance.

How to measure customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are the foundation of any successful business. Learn how different metrics and methods can help you measure – and improve upon – customer satisfaction.

Grow together

A series where you can learn directly from industry peers. Inspire new ways to drive growth with creative tips and tricks from businesses like yours.

Brasa Peruvian Kitchen: where delivery drivers are treated like family

At Brasa Peruvian Kitchen, it’s all about the people. Read why Founder and CEO Michel Falcon is building a partner-centric culture that empowers delivery drivers.

Alliance Hospitality Group: powering growth through partnership

Learn how Amber Jamal Eckerlund, Director of Marketing at Alliance Hospitality Group, works hand in hand with her dedicated Uber Eats account manager to build standout digital storefronts.

White Castle and Coca-Cola: raising the bar for online delivery menus

Learn how White Castle and Coca-Cola work together to satisfy customers’ cravings by building a food and beverage menu that shines in the digital space.

Hawaiian Bros: spreading aloha and growing with purpose

Hawaiian Bros is spreading the Aloha Spirit one plate lunch at a time. Explore how this national sensation scales with purpose, builds community and drives growth through creative marketing opportunities on Uber Eats and beyond.

Most recent blog posts

The latest on business trends, product updates, tools and technology.

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Market your way to a successful Mother’s Day 2022

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5 ways Uber Eats helps grow customer loyalty with delivery and pickup

Whether your business leans towards delivery, pickup or a mix of both, building loyalty is the way to keep customers coming back.

5 tips to take control of your delivery business in 2022

Here you’ll find 5 easy-to-follow tips that can put you in charge in the new year.

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