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Lesson 3: Accepting orders

This lesson walks you through how to use the Orders app, so it may be most helpful to you if you work front of house.

Part 1: Choose your device

Part 2: Setting up the Orders app

Part 3: Managing orders

Part 4: Modifying orders

Part 1: Choose your device

The Orders app is made to work for you

Easily accept orders from any device




Part 2: Setting up the Orders app

5 things to do before orders start coming in

Charge your device and have the Orders app open

Make sure you’re online

Turn up the volume

Prepare for fulfilment

Confirm you’re open

Setting up may take some time

Part 3: Managing orders

You’ve accepted an order. Now what?

  • View

  • Review and confirm

  • Print

  • Prepare

  • Handoff


Printers we’re compatible with

Part 4: Modifying orders

5 ways to handle anything that comes

  • Tap Busy Mode

  • Pause new orders

  • Alert customers

  • Change your layout

  • Troubleshoot


The takeaway

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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