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$0 Activation Fee & 0% Uber Eats Fee on all delivery orders for 30 Days. Available to restaurants in NZ who are new to Uber Eats. T&Cs apply*

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Uber Eats is a global platform that connects businesses to millions of customers and delivery people worldwide. We empower businesses to build easy online delivery and logistics operations.

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Whether you’re looking to generate more demand or add to your delivery capabilities, partner with us using one service or a combination of services.

Uber Eats marketplace

Reach new customers by listing your business on the Uber Eats marketplace with flexible options for delivery, self-delivery and pick-up. Easily integrate your existing POS.

Uber Direct

Offer fast and reliable local delivery through your own website, app and phone channels by using Uber Direct, our white-label delivery-as-a-service. Connect with your existing POS or OMS, integrate with our API or use the Uber Direct dashboard.

We’re proud to work with more than 1 million merchant partners in 11,000+ cities across 6 continents*

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Get a deep dive into how Uber’s partnership with merchants impacts local communities and economies.

Building a more sustainable platform

At Uber, we’re working together with merchants and delivery people to help reduce plastic packaging waste and emissions.

*As of February 2023.

*Capitalised terms used in these T&Cs have the meaning given to them in the Uber Eats – Merchant Agreement General Terms (New Zealand), found here (unless otherwise defined).

This offer is for $0 Activation Fee and an Uber Eats Fee of 0% for the Uber Delivery Option (orders delivered by Uber Eats) and Self-Delivery Option (orders delivered by your own staff) for the 30 days following the completion of your first order via the Uber Eats App (Offer Period) – available only for eligible merchants (Offer).

To be eligible, a merchant must be a restaurant that has not previously signed a merchant agreement with Uber Eats and who is not part of a brand or franchise that has signed a merchant agreement with Uber Eats. This Offer is not available to non-restaurant retail merchants, such as supermarkets and bottle shops.

$0 Activation Fee will apply to each location of the eligible merchant that is onboarded and available on the Uber Eats App before 30.06.2024.

The 0% Uber Eats Fee for 30 days only applies to the Uber Delivery Option and Self-Delivery Option and does not apply to orders fulfilled via the Non-Delivery Option (orders picked up directly by your customer). The standard Uber Eats Fee will apply to Non-Delivery Option orders. Following the expiry of the Offer Period, the relevant Uber Eats Fees for the Uber Delivery Option and Self-Delivery Option will increase from 0% to the standard Uber Eats Fee for such options.

To redeem this Offer, you must enter into a merchant agreement (including via the self sign up process above) with Uber Eats before 30.06.2024.

Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Offer expires at 23:59 NZST 30.06.2024 unless withdrawn earlier. Uber Eats reserves the right to determine your eligibility for this Offer. Offer only valid in New Zealand where Uber Eats is available.

If you are eligible and would like to redeem this Offer, please complete the self sign up process above and we will reach out to you to discuss the details of the Offer.