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Lesson 1: Working with Uber Eats

In this lesson, you’ll learn the different ways you can partner with Uber Eats to fit your business and your goals, and how to get started.

Let’s start with what’s included. We’ll be covering the foundations, which may be most useful if you’re an owner.

Part 1: Delivery

People order on Uber Eats. Delivery people pick up. See how to get started reaching new customers and expanding your offering.

Part 2: Self-delivery

People order on Uber Eats. You deliver. Understand your different delivery options and how to use your own delivery staff.

Part 3: Pick-up

People order on Uber Eats. They pick up at your location. Even if delivery isn’t for you, see how you can increase orders with Pickup.

Part 4: Online ordering

People order Pickup or delivery directly from your website. Learn how to seamlessly add ordering to your website or menu.

Part 5: Virtual restaurants

Launch a new menu or restaurant from your existing kitchen. See how you can reach new customers and meet local demand without a new brick-and-mortar location.

Part 1: Delivery

Uber Eats expands the reach of your restaurant or store far beyond your block.

It can help to think of Uber Eats like one big neighbourhood where you can easily be found by people all over your city. Now people who’ve never seen your store can discover you at exactly the moment they need to: when they’re hungry or need something delivered.

Join successful merchants from around the world growing their businesses

merchants globally

monthly active consumers

meals delivered in under 30 minutes

Start using delivery in 4 steps

  • Step 1: Create an account

    Create your Uber Eats account by signing up on our website.

  • Step 2: Customise your storefront

    Catch people’s attention by updating your storefront. Design your menu, add photos and include your business hours.

  • Step 3: Start accepting orders

    Begin accepting orders using your Uber Eats Orders app, and prep your staff for business.

  • Step 4: Track delivery status

    Easily let delivery people know when orders are ready to be picked up. Then track delivery status for real-time updates.


Part 2: Self-delivery

Self-delivery gives you access to Uber Eats’ 98 million monthly active platform users while letting you control delivery. When people search on Uber Eats for something they need, they can find and order from you directly in the app. Then your staff prepares, packages and delivers right to their door.

Perks of self-delivery

Control more of the delivery experience

Lower Uber Eats delivery fee*

Reach new customers beyond your neighbourhood

Plus, you’ll get flexible partnership options that give you help when you need it.

Want to expand your delivery area? Use your own staff to cover short distances and let Uber Eats deliver the longer ones. Having a busy night? Instead of declining orders, let Uber Eats handle deliveries until demand calms down.

Start using self-delivery in 4 steps

  • Step 1: Create your account

    Sign up on our website to create your Uber Eats account. If you’re already a partner and want to try self-delivery, ask your account manager or send us an email at

  • Step 2: Choose your delivery area

    Go into your Uber Eats Manager portal and select from a pre-defined delivery zone. Or customise your own, taking into consideration hard-to-access areas.

  • Step 3: Start accepting orders

    Once you begin accepting orders, your customers will get an estimated delivery time frame.

  • Step 4: Communicate with customers

    Tap Out for delivery when the order is ready and your delivery person is on their way.


Part 3: Pick-up

Catch the dinner rush and reach people without having to worry about delivery. Uber Eats Pickup lets customers easily place an order without a fee, then pick it up directly from your location.

Perks of Pick-up

Lower your fees while expanding your reach

Get featured in a special map view

Be visible to every Uber Eats customer in your city

Start using Pick-up in 4 steps

  • Step 1: Create your account

    Sign up on our website to create your Uber Eats account. If you’re already a partner and want to add Pick-up, simply send a note to your account manager or to

  • Step 2: Customise your prices

    The cost of covering delivery versus Pick-up orders can be different. Now you can set different prices and offer different menu items for each.

  • Step 3: Start accepting orders

    Once you accept an order, your customers will get an estimated pick-up time frame.

  • Step 4: Communicate with customers

    Tap Ready for pick-up to let your customers know when their order is ready.


Part 4: Online ordering

Make it easy for people to order from you online by adding Uber Eats to your website. That way, when people visit your site to learn more or check out your menu, they can place an order for Pickup or delivery directly.

Perks of online ordering

Turn website visitors into customers

Learn more about your customers when they opt in at checkout

Easily manage your menu, prices and orders

We’ll take care of the logistics so you can focus on what matters

Uber Eats will handle order creation, checkout, payment processing and order tracking.

Start using online ordering in 4 steps

  • Step 1: Create your account

    If you haven’t already, create your Uber Eats account by signing up on our website.

  • Step 2: Set up online ordering

    Log in to your Uber Eats Manager portal, then click on Online ordering on the left side of the page. Accept the terms and conditions, then go through a step-by-step guide to get set up.

  • Step 3: Customise your page

    Customise your online ordering page to fit your business. Add a logo, then choose a colour style. Finally, apply your changes to one or multiple locations.

  • Step 4: Share your page

    Start spreading the word about online ordering by sharing on your website, to your email subscribers or on your social media channels. Click on Share to get the link.


Part 5: Virtual restaurants

Have an idea for a new restaurant? Want to reach even more customers or test a new menu? Virtual restaurants can help.

Virtual restaurants are delivery-only restaurants you can launch and run from the kitchen you’re already using. This lets you start immediately and without the costs or risks—like rent and additional staff—of opening a new location. So instead of finding you on the street, customers will only be able to find you in their app.

Perks of virtual restaurants

Reach new customers without opening a new location

Increase revenue from your current kitchen

Test new ideas and expand your business

Set up your virtual restaurant for success with more insights and less guesswork. Uber Eats can help you identify what people in your area are already searching for so you can fill the demand.

‘A virtual restaurant can provide a whole new option without having to worry about all the overhead and additional staffing. What a blessing!’

—Navin Hariprasad, Lucky Cat Vegan

Start your virtual restaurant in 4 steps

  • Step 1: Create your account

    Go to our website to create your account. If you’re already a partner and want to start a virtual restaurant, reach out to your account manager or to

  • Step 2: Look at insights

    Discover what’s in demand in your neighbourhood by using insights to determine the gaps in what’s already being offered.

  • Step 3: Customise your storefront

    Once you’ve decided on a concept, create a name and develop a menu that’s exclusive to your virtual restaurant.

  • Step 4: Start accepting orders

    Go live and start accepting orders. Customers will see you pop up in the app and can start ordering from you immediately.


The takeaway

Tap below to get your go-to cheat sheet for understanding the different ways you can work with Uber Eats.

*Lower fees when compared to delivering with Uber Eats delivery people

**Data from all active US/Canada partners, October 2018.

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