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Lesson 5: Building relationships with your customers

In this lesson, you’ll learn ways to connect, grow and strengthen relationships with your customers on Uber Eats.

Let’s start with what’s included. This lesson shows you how and where to share your business story on Uber Eats so that you can build more meaningful connections with your customers.

Part 1: Instagram integration

Show and sell your business’s unique story. Learn how to add Instagram photos to your Uber Eats storefront.

Part 2: Customer reviews

Let your customers market for you. Learn why reviews are so important and how to encourage more positive ones.

Part 3: Top Eats

Be the best of the best. See what it takes to get recognised for being a customer favourite.

Part 1: Instagram integration

Photos are worth more than a thousand words. They help bring your business to life, express your personality and show what you have to offer. Now you can add Instagram photos to your Uber Eats storefront too.

Bring your Uber Eats storefront to life with Instagram photos

Build your brand

People eat with their eyes. Showcase photos that tell your story and show what you have to offer.

Same photos, new audience

Make your Instagram photos work harder for you by sharing them with a brand-new audience.

Show and sell

Feature what you’re known for, what’s fresh and what your customers can’t get enough of.

Stand out with photos that express your personality

From your food or goods to testimonials, show off all the reasons your customers love you.

Add your Instagram account in 3 steps

Step 1: Log in

From your Uber Eats Manager, go to the Settings tab. Tap Connect to Instagram under 'Show Instagram photos on your store page'.

Step 2: Authorise

Allow Uber Eats to have third-party access to your business’s Instagram account.

Step 3: Check them out

Head to the Uber Eats app to see your Instagram photos, now visible on your storefront.

Part 2: Customer reviews

Customer feedback is some of the most important information your business can get. What are people loving? What are areas that could be improved upon? What are they going to order again?

Customer reviews help your business become even better

Build 1:1 relationships

Let customers know you’re listening by responding directly to every review your business gets.

Thank your customers

Learn what your customers are loving, thank them for their support, and understand areas that could be improved.

Never miss a review

You’ll get an email when a new review comes in to help you respond within the 7-day limit.

Build relationships by listening and rewarding

Show customers that their feedback and opinions matter by responding to every review.

Respond to customer reviews in 3 steps

Step 1: Log in

Log in to your Uber Eats Manager and tap Reviews under the Feedback tab.

Step 2: Choose the review

Tap Reply on the review you’d like to respond to, keeping in mind that you’ll see the newest reviews first.

Step 3: Message directly

Your customers get notified when you’re done replying, so be sure to include any offer codes in your response.

Part 3: Top Eats

Customers want to know they can trust a business before placing an order. Earning a Top Eats distinction helps them know they’re ordering from the best of the best on Uber Eats.

Top Eats recognition gets you more of the good stuff

Stand out

You’re the cream of the crop, and people should know. A Top Eats badge will help you stand out in the app.

Increase visibility

Show up in more places. Customers will instantly know they can expect great service.

Build trust

Customers know they can trust a Top Eats restaurant, so they may be more likely to order from you.

Get noticed for your hard work and high quality

A Top Eats badge can help inspire more first-time customers and repeat orders.

Businesses earn Top Eats recognition by always delivering their best

Earn positive ratings

Four- and five-star ratings help customers know they’ll get great quality from you.

Complete all orders

People can trust that your team has mastered the art of delivery and won’t miss their order.

Set clear business hours

Being open and available more often makes ordering from you easier.

Never miss an order

Customers know they can rely on you when they make an order.

Fulfil orders accurately

Including all ingredients, items and customisations is a top priority for customers.

Qualify as a Top Eats business

On the 1st of every month, Top Eats businesses are awarded based on how they perform over the past 90 days. You can check how you’re doing at any time in your Uber Eats Manager. To learn more, check out our guide.

The takeaway

Get your go-to cheat sheet for promoting your business and reaching more customers on Uber Eats.

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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