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Guidance for growing your way

From driving demand to simplifying operations, there’s a lot to balance when it comes to your business. Here’s a round up of tools and insights to help you stay ahead in a changing world.

Best practices and tips

Strategies for building, selling and marketing your business, your way.

Small business marketing: 21 ways to grow your business

There have never been more opportunities to market your small business. Explore effective strategies to get noticed, attract more customers and drive sales.

How to build customer loyalty and trust in your business

A customer who makes one purchase is worth something — but a customer who keeps returning is worth much more. Get 6 strategies to improve trust in your business and gain loyal customers.

How to partner with a third-party delivery platform

Customers want to experience their favourite products in the comfort of their own spaces, and it’s in your best interest to meet that demand. Explore how to use third-party delivery platforms to grow your business.

How to increase restaurant sales: 13 practical ideas

All business owners can agree that it never hurts to drive more purchases. Here are 13 practical ideas you can try in your restaurant to increase sales and make a meaningful impact against your revenue goals.

How to track business expenses: 6 steps to follow

Tracking expenses is a fundamental part of running an efficient business. Discover 6 steps to help you track your business expenses easily and accurately.

Most recent blog posts

The latest on business trends, product updates, tools and technology.

Heat up your delivery business this winter

With the right preparation in place, you can use the winter time to your advantage to attract new customers and drive repeat business to your storefront.

8 tips to make the best of restaurant holiday trading

With ‘holiday’ days sprinkled across calendars throughout the year, it’s surprising how many hospitality businesses are leaving untapped revenue on the proverbial table.

Market your way to a successful Mother’s Day 2022

Think about how you can leverage the occasion to attract new customers to your business and connect with existing ones by helping them celebrate loved ones. When it comes to driving higher sales, it’s not just about delivery.

5 ways Uber Eats helps grow customer loyalty with delivery and pickup

Whether your business leans towards delivery, pickup or a mix of both, building loyalty is the way to keep customers coming back.

5 tips to take control of your delivery business in 2022

Here you’ll find 5 easy-to-follow tips that can put you in charge in the new year.

Grow your way. We’re just here to help.

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