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Offer same-day alcohol delivery

Reach more customers, stay on top of ordering trends and seamlessly run your alcohol delivery business.

Take your bottle shop to the next level

Get more eyes on your bottle shop

Reach new customers who are looking for alcohol delivery or pick-up in your local area.

Fill more glasses

Increase your visibility and drive repeat business with marketing tools and loyalty programs.

Expand your bottle shop your way

Seamlessly accept more online orders without interrupting the workflow at your store.

How our alcohol delivery works

Step 1: Customers shop your bottle shop online

They can use the Uber Eats app to search for and order from your bottle shop's offering.

Step 2: You accept and prepare orders

Orders will appear on your device, then your team confirms and prepares them.

Step 3: Orders are ready to go

Package alcohol orders for same-day delivery or local pick-up by customers.

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