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These pricing plans may not be available in your region

Please reach out to customer support or your account manager if you have questions.

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Let’s talk about pricing

The Uber Eats platform gives you flexible options and transparent pricing to help you grow your business in whatever way works best for you.

How fees work

Activation Fee

For new locations, a $500 (excl. GST) one-time fee will be deducted from your payments in weekly instalments. The Activation Fee is charged for each location that is on the app and covers the cost of:

  • Account set-up
  • Professional photography
  • Initial account management and support

Damage Fee: A Damage fee of $200 (excl. GST) (per Device) is applied if there is any damage to the Device outside of normal wear and tear, the Device is lost or stolen, or you fail to return any Device within the required time period. Device includes any tablet or other mobile device that Uber provides you.

*Additional details below

Uber Eats Fee

This fee is charged to you for every order you receive from your customers via the Uber Eats App. It varies depending on the option you choose. Fees shown as a percentage are calculated based on the price of the item(s) you sell (including any GST). The Uber Eats Fee excludes GST.

Fees tailored to your business

The Uber Eats Fees below apply only to orders you receive from customers via the Uber Eats app.

Uber Delivery option

The same Uber Eats Fee applies for Virtual Restaurants.

Deliver through your staff

You may also use your own delivery staff for virtual restaurants.

Pick-up option

Expand your Uber Eats footprint, give customers more choice and allow them to order ahead. All Pick-up orders from your restaurant get a lower Uber Eats Fee. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Pick-up is not available for virtual restaurants.


If you have configured your own Uber Eats Webshop page which is connected to your website, you pay:

  • 25% for the Uber Delivery Option
  • 6% for the Self-Delivery Option
  • 6% for the Pick-up Option

'[Uber Eats] is a marketing tool for us. And it really does drive sales and business.'

More benefits

Good connections

Connect with customers searching for food in your area.

Simple order management

The dashboard shows the status of each customer’s order. And after you join, we can help you integrate with your existing POS, where possible.

Marketing opportunities

We offer lots of ways to get you in the spotlight. In fact, we’re always showcasing our merchants to Uber Eats app users.

*For any subsequent location, an Activation Fee of $350 (excl. GST) will apply.

*Activation Fees and Damage Fees will appear on your payment statement as a miscellaneous fee and may be deducted from your payments in weekly instalments.

*Use of the different service options are subject to the General Terms available here and the Service Terms available here.

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