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Offer same-day alcohol delivery

Reach more customers, stay on top of ordering trends and seamlessly run your off-licence delivery business.

Take your corner shop or off-licence to the next level

Get more eyes on your off-licence

Reach new customers who are looking for alcohol delivery or pick-up in your local area.

Fill more glasses

Increase your visibility and drive repeat business with marketing tools and loyalty programmes.

Expand your off-licence your way

Seamlessly accept more online orders without interrupting the workflow at your store.

How our alcohol delivery works

Step 1: Customers shop in your off-licence online

They can use the Uber Eats app to search for and order from your off-licence’s offering.

Step 2: You accept and prepare orders

Orders will appear on your device, then your team confirms and prepares them.

Step 3: Orders are ready to go

Package convenience orders for same-day delivery or local pick-up by customers.