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Flexible delivery and pick-up built for your business

Reach more customers with Uber Eats. Our platform offers flexible options and pricing for your delivery and pick-up needs.

Options tailored to you

Connect with couriers

Access a network of over 5 million delivery people worldwide. All you have to do is prepare customer orders.

Deliver through your staff

If you choose to use your own team, you can accept orders at a lower commission rate. That means you can reach more customers, while maintaining control of deliveries.

Offer order pick-up

Offer pick-up as an option for orders arranged through our app. Customers will avoid delivery charges, and your business will incur a lower commission rate without network fees.

Benefits by delivery type

  • Deliver further

    Expand your delivery zone with access to a network of couriers using cars, bikes and scooters.

  • Track in real time

    Get transparent order tracking for you and your customers for each step of the process.

  • Accept batch orders

    Increase order efficiency by accepting multiple orders at once, reducing courier traffic.


How to add delivery or pick-up

Step 1: Sign up with Uber Eats

First, tell us a little about your business so we can confirm your identity and licence to get started. When you’re ready, you can sign up here.

Step 2: Choose the right plan for you

Next, you’ll choose your preferred delivery option: connect with a network of couriers on the Uber platform or deliver with your own staff. Offering customer pick-up? Contact us or your account manager and we’ll handle the rest.

Step 3: Start taking orders

Now all you have to do is upload your menu to the platform and you’re ready to go. If you still have questions, you can find information in our Learning Centre.

“Uber Eats helps bring in new customers. People in a new area can search and discover us now”.

Natasha Case, CEO and Co-Founder, Coolhaus

Frequently asked questions

  • There is a large network of couriers who use the Uber Eats app to connect to your store and get food from you to your customer as quickly as possible.

  • Your delivery zone is unique to your store and will change over time. Delivery zones are dynamic and determined by an algorithm that evaluates many factors that include cuisine type, location, distance and expected total delivery times to create the best experience for you and your customers.