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Bok a Bok reaches more customers with Sponsored Listings

As anyone who works in the hospitality business will tell you, the life of a restaurant owner is a hectic one - especially when multiple locations are involved. Alex Prindle, owner of Bok a Bok Chicken in Seattle, knows this firsthand. He’s constantly out in the field, visiting all four Bok a Bok restaurants to make sure things are running smoothly.

Gaining more mindshare

The Bok a Bok team have taken advantage of a number of marketing solutions available in Uber Eats Manager. They run a long-standing promotion that has performed well for them, and recently combined it with a Sponsored Listing to further enhance their visibility in the Uber Eats app.

By positioning a promotion higher in the feed, they give their customers extra incentive to check out their restaurant.

"Delivery and pick-up are a huge part of our business, especially this year. With Uber Eats Promotions and Sponsored Listings, it’s been all about getting more exposure in the Uber Eats carousel and coming up high in the listings. The metrics are super intuitive and have helped us determine which promotions are working."

Driving more sales

The results were immediate. For every $100 Bok a Bok invested in Sponsored Listings, the business return was $1,900 - a 19-fold return on their investment).*

"Uber Eats brings in a lot of business for us, and sponsored listings and promotions have definitely increased sales**", adds Prindle. "They are the easiest to work with of all our delivery partners, and metrics they supply on the back end are really helpful."

As Prindle and the Bok a Bok team look to the future, they have plans to open a fifth location without a dining room. Instead, it will have a takeaway window and focus solely on pick-up and delivery.

Generally, I’m not at my desk, sitting in front of a computer. When it comes to Uber Eats, it’s so nice to go into Uber Eats Manager and get a quick sense of how much business it’s bringing in for us.

Alex Prindle - owner, Bok a Bok

How do Sponsored Listings work?

A Sponsored Listing is a new ad format that can help you increase your visibility in the app’s home feed and search results. You set a weekly budget and decide on a bidding method, which is how much to pay when someone clicks on your ad. For example, Bok a Bok is showcased in the home feed and appears in search results when Uber Eats users look for fried chicken in Seattle. The listings are marked as ‘Sponsored’.