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Order errors

We want to make it right, even if the order isn’t.

When things go wrong, we want to make it right

Customers are looking for convenience, merchants are doing their best to fulfill orders quickly and correctly, and delivery people are busy on the road making deliveries. Usually, it all goes right. But when it doesn’t, a happy order becomes a sad order – fast.

That’s why we have support procedures in place to resolve customer issues on your behalf – fairly and efficiently. Sometimes, this means issuing refunds to customers who have had bad experiences. In these instances, your business may be held responsible for those refunds in the form of order error adjustments made to your payouts.

Protecting against fraud

We take fraudulent behaviour seriously and have filters in place to monitor both customer and delivery person behaviour—we will not make adjustments on suspicious refunds.

  • Excessive refund request rates

    We track customer refund history and block customers who abuse our refund policy – which varies from region to region – from submitting these claims.

  • Photo evidence required

    We require photos to be submitted in many cases as evidence before making a refund decision.

  • Escalation circumstances

    We escalate cases to a trained team for investigation and review before making refund decisions for requests that are:

    • Not filed in a reasonable time frame
    • For high-value orders
    • For orders with alcohol items
    • For first-time customers

Order error adjustments

Most orders placed on Uber Eats go off without a hitch, thanks to our merchants, delivery people and customers. A small portion of orders have errors reported by the customer, the delivery person or the merchant. Order error adjustments are the eligible customer refund costs that are deducted from stores’ payouts for circumstances within merchants’ control, and after fraud checks.

These are the customer refund costs that are deducted from stores’ payouts to cover order errors:

Customer may be compensated

We resolve customer errors fairly and on your behalf, sometimes issuing Uber credits or providing refunds.

Partners may be charged

Some refund costs may be passed to merchants after fraud review and removal of cases with extenuating circumstances.

Possible partner charges when customer refunds are given

Missing items

Customer did not receive an item, or part of an item, that was ordered.

Incorrect items

Customer received an item, or part of an item, that was not as ordered.

Incorrect orders

Customer received incorrect order (fault in relation to which, in Uber Eats’ reasonable judgement, can be attributed to the merchant).

Undelivered orders

Customer never received their order (only when using your own delivery staff).

Food quality

Customer food quality complaints (e.g. burnt/raw (except where the item is sold as a raw item)/stale/spoilt/rotten/mouldy food or items past/on their expiry date). This applies to Pack & Deliver orders.

Self-Delivery orders

An order is delivered by your own delivery staff and there is an error with the order or the customer reports it as too hot/cold or damaged (e.g. damaged packaging, spilt food/drinks). The refund may include the cost of the items as well as any delivery fee that you charge.

Pick-up orders

Customer orders food to pick up from you and there is an error with the order or the customer reports it as too hot, cold or damaged (e.g. damaged packaging, spilt food and drinks).

Not partner charges, even when customer refunds may be given

Note: Some of these may not apply to self-delivery and pick-up orders.

Late customer reports

Errors reported more than 96 hours after order was placed.

Fraudulent activity

Errors on orders with possibly fraudulent customers or delivery people.

Undelivered orders

Customer never received order (unless using your own delivery staff).

Suspicious deliveries

Customer received incorrect order where delivery person had multiple orders at once, delivered in less than half the ETA, or delivered far from the drop-off (unless it is a self-delivery order).

Damaged orders

Customer damage complaints (e.g. tampered packaging, spilt liquids) (unless it is a self-delivery or pick-up order).

Food condition

Customer poor food condition complaints (e.g. food arriving cold, unless it is a self-delivery or pick-up order).

Late deliveries

Customer late delivery complaints for orders delivered with Uber delivery people (unless it is a self-delivery).

Calculating and monitoring adjustments

Order error adjustments include the cost of food sales (including tax/VAT) at the time of order. They do not include other fees that may be refunded to the customer. To make it easy for you and your team to stay up-to-date on this information, we include order error adjustment details in multiple places. (Please see the Monitoring tab below.)

Please note: A customer might not report the order error in the same week the order was fulfilled. In those cases, adjustments may be reflected in subsequent weeks’ reports.

  • Order error adjustments calculations

    The amount adjusted on your payout will range from a portion up to the full cost for the item(s) with errors at the time of the order, including tax/VAT. For partially missing or incorrect items – often related to combo meal items that have an entree and side or drink included – the a la carte cost of the missing or incorrect portion of the item will be adjusted from your pay.

    Please note: We retain the full Uber Service Fee for the entire order.

  • Fees your business will not be charged for

    You will not be responsible for any delivery fees charged to the customer (unless using your own delivery staff).


Minimising order errors

We’ve gathered some best practices from merchants on how to minimise the errors that could potentially lead to customer refunds and adjustments.

Up-to-date menu

Log in to your Uber Eats Manager portal to ensure that your menu is up to date with the correct customisations and prices.

Printed receipts

Check off items on a printed receipt to confirm that the contents in the bag are accurate.

Tamper-evident materials

Seal each order bag with tamper-evident materials when an order is complete.

Order number

Write the 5-digit order number on the bag for easy identification.

Number the bags

If there are multiple bags in a single order, number the bags ('1 of 2' and then '2 of 2', etc.).


Double-check during hand-off that every bag gets picked up by the correct delivery person.

Meat/poultry not cooked to minimum internal temperature

Ensure meat and poultry is cooked to a safe internal temperature before packing.


Remove any trace of food contamination (e.g. stale or mouldy food) from your preparation, storage and packing areas.

Item quality

Ensure you select items that are not on/past their expiry date, and are good quality (e.g. not mouldy)

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