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Маркетинговые инструменты для ресторанов

We’re here for you when delivery and pickup are crucial to your business. The assets here can help you quickly market to customers and let them know you’re open for business with Uber Eats.

All co-marketing featuring the Uber Eats logo should be submitted to Brand Desk for approval prior to launch. Standard response time is 3-5 business days and revisions can add to that so please plan ahead.

CTA logo lockups

Adding a call to action (CTA) next to the logo makes both our brand and message clear to customers. 

We’ve provided a library of lockup solutions featuring approved brand messaging. For exclusive media spotlight opportunities, please use the “Presented by” logo.

App icon and web badge

For digital executions use our app icon to let people know they can download the app to order on Uber Eats. These can also be used for social media links and we’ve included an option with a CTA.

Материалы для публикации в соцсетях

Расскажите людям, что вы пользуетесь Uber Eats, через социальные сети. Чтобы сэкономить время, используйте шаблоны графических материалов и текстов.

Uber Eats bag

The branded Uber Eats bag is a creative and natural way to incorporate our logo into partner creative. Our branding should be easily recognizable in any photo setting. Allow 2U’s safe space surrounding the logo to the edge of the bag.

Уникальные ссылки

Публикуйте ссылки на свое меню в сервисе Uber Eats. Вот как получить такую ссылку:


  1. Перейти на
  2. Введите название ресторана в строку поиска.
  3. Нажмите на название ресторана, чтобы перейти на свою страницу.
  4. Скопируйте URL страницы ресторана (этот адрес и является вашей уникальной ссылкой).

Рекламные кампании в приложении

Создавайте собственные кампании для пользователей наших приложений, настраивайте таргетинг на нужную аудиторию и отслеживайте прогресс прямо в Менеджере ресторанов.

Primary brand elements

The Uber Eats logo is approachable and instantly recognizable. Here is a brief introduction to our wordmark and core colors.


The wordmark is our most globally recognizable asset. For optimum visibility on darker backgrounds, use the vertical (stacked) logo in dual colors: Salt and Eats Green. Use the Pepper and Eats Green version on lighter backgrounds.


The one-color logo in all Salt or all Pepper is used when the full-color version won’t fit due to production constraints, or when our brand needs to be present but not emphasized, such as in sponsor lists or endorsements.


These primary colors are the foundation of our visual identity. Ensure the color values in our logos are accurate.

Clear space

The amount of clear space around the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “U” in Uber. This keeps the logo from getting crowded by images, text, or other graphics that compromise its visual integrity. Note the minimum size requirements for print and digital.

Minimum size:

Web - 30 PX Width

Print - .7in Width

Minimum size:

Web - 70 PX Width

Print - 1.4in Width

Incorrect usage

Here are some examples of what not to do with our logo.

Do not use one color wordmark in instances where full color is appropriate.

Do not scale, wrap, alter, tilt, or rotate the form of the logo

Do not place text or visual elements within the clear space of the logo.

Do not place the logo over a background that bisects the logo.

Do not add stylized filters to our logo.

Do not integrate our logo within copy.

Logo lockup for partnership creative

Display your logo next to ours by placing them side-by-side (either horizontally or vertically) using one of our logo lockup templates as a guide. A line glyph should separate the logos.

Messaging guidelines

    • Order on
    • Order with
    • Available on
    • Powered by
    • Presented by
    • Open the Uber Eats app to order
    • Order [Restaurant name] with Uber Eats
    • Order [Restaurant name] for delivery with the Uber Eats app
    • Order [Restaurant name] goodness with the Uber Eats app
    • Order your favorites for delivery with the Uber Eats app
    • Order whenever you like with the Uber Eats app
    • Finally! Order for delivery with Uber Eats
    • $0 Delivery Fee on orders of [$15] or more
    • Terms and fees apply. See Uber Eats app for details and location availability
    • $0 Delivery Fee with Uber Eats
    • $0 Delivery Fee on Uber Eats
    • $0 Delivery Fee starts now
    • Order on Uber Eats with a $0 Delivery Fee. Use code [XXXX] at checkout.
    • Say hello to [partner name]. Get a $0 Delivery Fee when you order [menu item]. Use code [XXXX] at checkout.
    • Order your favorites
    • Order whenever you like with the Uber Eats app
    • Order today.
    • We're on Uber Eats! Order for delivery or pick-up today!
    • All your [Restaurant Name] faves.
    • It’s here! [Restaurant Name] is now on Uber Eats.
    • Enjoy [Restaurant Dish] today with Uber Eats.
    • Order your favorites for delivery now.
    • Request your favorites wherever you like.
    • Order Now
    • Download the Uber Eats app to order now.
    • We’re now on the @UberEats app! Order our famous [Dish Name] for delivery to your door.😍 #UberEats
    • All your [Restaurant Name] faves are now on @UberEats. 🙌 #UberEats
    • Craving [Restaurant Name] at home? Order your favorite dishes on the @UberEats app. #UberEats
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