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Reach more customers with Webshop

Make it easy for customers to place orders for delivery and pick-up directly through your existing website.

Your customers, your way

Expand your reach

Make your business more accessible to new and existing customers by integrating Uber Eats into your website.

Own customer relationships

Get closer to customers by better understanding what makes them happy. Access user data, like order history, if they opt in at checkout.

Adding a new way to order is simple

Step 1: Visit Uber Eats Manager

New customers will sign up to be an Uber Eats partner and then log in to the Uber Eats Manager app to get started.

Step 2: Follow the guide in your app

Select the Webshop section in the side navigation. You’ll see a step-by-step guide to setting up your Webshop page, with more details on pricing.

Step 3: Create and customise your page

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, choose Create your page to customise your site with your logos and colours, and then get a unique URL for your set of stores.

'Uber Eats really saved us during COVID. We would have been dead without them and we’re really thankful about it.'

Jimmy Golemis, Owner, Tops Diner

Frequently asked questions

  • Eligible restaurants can quickly set up online ordering through Uber Eats Manager. To do this, log in and select the Webshop tab. Once you review product details and pricing, and accept the Terms and Conditions, you’ll be prompted to select the location(s) you want to activate for Webshop. Doing this will generate links that you can embed on your website. Use these links to go live quickly via your online channels (like website, social media and email marketing).

  • Orders from Webshop will flow through in the same way that you receive your orders from Uber Eats today. This includes both POS- and non-POS-integrated locations.

    • If your POS is integrated with Uber Eats, orders will come through via POS
    • If your POS is not integrated, orders will display wherever you currently receive orders (in tablet, in Uber Eats Orders online or in Uber Eats Orders mobile)
  • Pick-up and delivery – whether using your own staff or connecting with delivery people using the Uber Eats app – are both available for Webshop.

  • Yes. We’ll generate links for all your locations during the sign-up process. You can decide which ones to add (or remove) to your website, social media profiles or marketing emails. Reach out to your Account Manager or request a review of the locations set up at

  • Online ordering menu items, prices, hours and offers are linked to what you have on Uber Eats Manager – any changes there will be reflected on your Webshop page.

  • You can set different prices for online ordering and pick-up orders than for delivery through Menu Maker, the same tool that you use in Uber Eats Manager to manage and update your in-app menu.

  • Orders will appear in Uber Eats Orders the same as regular orders. On Uber Eats Manager, you’ll find them marked with the Webshop label in the Orders section. On top of that, the Payment details report in the Reports section of Uber Eats Manager will show what channel each order came from.

  • Webshop orders will appear the same as regular Uber Eats orders on your billing statement.

  • Yes, any promotions you create in the Marketing tab of Uber Eats Manager will apply to your Webshop menu.

  • You can contact the Support team exactly the same way you do today – by going through our Help Centre.

  • Uber Eats will manage customer support on your behalf for online ordering. Customers can access the Support team through the tracking window during live orders, tapping the Help button. For non-live orders, customers can reference for support.

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