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The products and services mentioned in this article may not be available in your region. Please reach out to customer support or your account manager if you have questions.

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Built Your Way: Year-end innovations to elevate your business

The Built Your Way article series launched with one simple goal in mind: to help you make the most of your experience on the Uber platform by highlighting the latest product updates.

In the previous issue, we outlined new ways to streamline operations and drive customer demand on the Uber Eats marketplace and from your own sales channels.

This issue builds on our commitment to your continued success. Whether your goal is to make data-driven decisions, operate efficiently, or improve the customer experience, the latest innovations are designed to help you get there. Jump to a dedicated section to learn more about:

New tools for restaurant operators

In the restaurant industry, change is constant. With long to-do lists and multiple workstreams to oversee, you need technology that makes everything easier to balance. We kept that top of mind when building the new features highlighted below. Explore all the ways you can enhance your decision-making and boost your performance.

Gain more visibility into your performance with Uber Eats Manager (UEM)

  • Payouts by order. When you navigate to the Payments tab in UEM¹, you’ll now be able to view your earnings at the order level. Manage your financial performance more closely with the following features:
    • Payout summary. Use the summary table to get an overview of total sales and deductions. You can also use the search bar feature to speed the process of sorting through specific transactions, order errors, or customer disputes.
    • PDF statements. Select the new Create report button to generate a payout statement that includes all your financial data. Exportable reports are a crucial tool for building a healthy financial recordkeeping process.

  • Homepage experience. UEM is your all-purpose dashboard to monitor your store performance, earnings, customer feedback, and marketing campaigns. The refreshed homepage experience surfaces key information and presents it in a way that simplifies taking action. Some of the key features you’ll see include:
    • Live sales summary. Monitor your daily sales with a real-time tracker.
    • Quick actions. Make adjustments to your business (like editing your menu or launching an ad) from the right side of your UEM homepage.
    • Personalized growth recommendations. Review a list of concrete steps you can take to improve your performance based on data-driven insights tailored to your business.

homepage experience

Updated homepage experience

Improve operational efficiency with the Uber Eats Orders (UEO) app

  • User experience. Your staff likely works across multiple devices. Your UEO app should accommodate that. The new adaptive UEO interface creates a unified viewing experience across tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers—allowing you to work the way you want.

  • Order management. When order volume is high, you want the ability to see the full pipeline and plan in advance. With the new acceptance flow in UEO, you can manage and edit orders before you accept them. Plus, with larger screens and a portrait mode setting, you can see more orders simultaneously and help prevent your team from missing any important details.

  • Delivery handoffs. Managing incoming orders is only part of the delivery process. It’s also important to create a seamless end-to-end experience for couriers and your customers. Two new UEO features will help you achieve this:
    • Smart prep time. A predictive model suggests how long it might take to prepare an order before a courier arrives. If you’re running behind schedule, you can always edit the estimate to keep everyone in the loop.
    • Courier map. The refreshed “order details” screen automatically shows you the location of a courier before, during, and after a delivery. This serves as another resource to inform how you prepare and package orders. It can also help you answer questions from customers, should they call your store directly about the status of an order.

Drive demand with in-app marketing tools

  • Percent Off offers. The new Percent Off offer type encourages larger order sizes by providing an order-level discount across all items. As an added bonus, your store will be featured with a green tag in the home feed of the Uber Eats app, increasing your visibility and signaling to customers that they can expect to save when they order from you. To access this feature, sign in to UEM and head to the Marketing tab. Under Offers, select the Percent Off option and review the details to create your offer.

  • Marketing recommendations. For even the most experienced marketers, the process of reviewing campaign data and making campaign optimizations is time-consuming. The new marketing recommendations feature in UEM speeds up the process without sacrificing quality. Head to the Marketing tab in UEM and review the “recommendations” card at the top. There, you’ll see suggestions for increasing your orders and growing your sales—informed by your store’s historical data.

  • Multi-location offers. Create and manage offers for up to 200 locations in one step. You no longer need to spend time creating, updating, or revoking offers for each individual store. To access this feature, sign in to UEM and navigate to the Marketing tab. Under “Create campaigns,” select any offers that apply to the basket level. Before you launch, keep these 2 considerations in mind:
    • Offer types. Run multi-location campaigns for all 3 offer types that apply to the order level: Percent Off, Spend More Save More, and $0 Delivery Fee. In the future, you’ll also have the ability to launch multi-location ads and item-level offers (Buy One Get One, Free Item, and Save on Menu items).
    • Budgeting. The budget cap you choose will be the budget cap for each store, not at the brand level or split among the different stores.
Ana Lam

“We’re constantly evolving our marketing solutions by listening to you and understanding what tools your business needs to succeed. The latest suite of features is designed to help you expand the ways you can stand out to customers, streamline campaign creation, and make strategic optimizations to take your growth further on Uber Eats.”

Ana Lam, Senior Product Manager, Uber

Enhancements for the grocery experience

When it comes to online grocery delivery, the end-to-end experience should prioritize 3 factors: convenience, confidence, and control. Today’s consumers have no shortage of shopping options at their fingertips and will often take their business elsewhere if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Our goal is to equip you with tools to meet these expectations, so you’re the first store consumers think of when it's time to fulfill their grocery needs. Explore new features below to sharpen your competitive edge.

Turn insights into action with Uber Eats Manager

  • Enhanced analytics. With your Uber Eats Manager (UEM) dashboard, you have access to data that can help inform decision-making across your business, boost your performance, and scale your delivery operations. New improvements to the UEM experience put more robust insights at your fingertips, helping you:
    • Improve prioritization. Get snapshots of how your stores are performing and focus on key fulfillment metrics to improve, such as found rate and replacement rate.
    • Boost confidence. Remove the guesswork from building strategies with data-backed tactics to elevate your online business.
    • Increase revenue. Gain a better understanding of your top-selling items and areas where you can double down to maximize your profit potential.

To explore additional ways we’re updating the UEM experience for businesses of all types and sizes, go here.

Reuben Shorser

“With Uber Eats Manager, our goal is to empower retailers by providing access to data and insights so that you can take control of your business and reach your full revenue potential. Small adjustments to improve key metrics such as found rate and replacement rate can have a significant impact on business outcomes and help you drive long-term growth on the Uber Eats platform.”

Reuben Shorser, Product Manager, Uber

White-label delivery with Uber Direct

Quality delivery is no longer a luxury service—it’s an expectation. In fact, in a new survey from Uber, 75% of consumers said they expect express delivery as an option. And 94% said a positive delivery experience makes them more likely to order from a retailer again. If you’re building an e-commerce operation on your own channels (like your website or mobile app), providing fast and reliable delivery is a sure way to earn and keep customer loyalty. With new improvements to Uber Direct, our white-label delivery solution, you can expand your delivery offering and accelerate your integration experience. Get more details below.

Manage your business holistically

  • Package returns. Own the end-to-end customer journey by offering a premium package return service from your own sales channels, powered by Uber Direct. Reach out to your account manager to learn more about this feature’s benefits, 2 of which include:
    • Enhanced customer experience. Show your customers you value more than just their order history. Provide them with an intuitive return experience and peace of mind with real-time tracking.
    • Operational efficiency. Couriers in the Uber network will pick up any customer packages with a prepaid label or QR code and deliver them back to your store, warehouse, or a post office.

  • Inventory management.² Move merchandise between your retail locations and manage your inventory needs with Uber Direct. In addition to taking care of the last mile of delivery for your customers, Uber Direct can also help you:
    • Go beyond the sale. Whether it’s a customer return or merchandise stocking, you can use Uber Direct at every touchpoint of the buying cycle to move your products.
    • Transport inventory with intent. Act on your business predictions to rebalance your inventory across retail locations and anticipate future demand.
    • Centralize logistics. Use the Uber platform to power your back- and front-end services while keeping operations streamlined.

Expand payment options

  • Cash on delivery.³ In select markets, customers now have the option of paying in cash when a courier in Uber’s network drops off their order. Enabling this option can unlock the following benefits for your business:
    • Increased sales. Attract customers who may not have access to online payment methods or who prefer to pay in cash.
    • Reduced cart abandonment. Some customers abandon their online shopping carts when they reach the payment page, especially if their card information isn’t saved. Including cash as a payment option can reduce ‌friction at checkout, potentially leading to more completed orders.
    • Expansion into cash-based markets. In regions where cash is the dominant form of payment, offering an alternative payment option can act as a catalyst for successful expansion.

Empower developers

  • Automatic production access. If your business joined Uber Direct using the self-signup process (and has a valid payment method on file), developers you work with can now request and get automatic product access to build a custom integration. Compared with the Uber Direct dashboard experience, a custom integration can help you:
    • Handle a higher delivery volume. Custom integrations are best suited for businesses with more than 1,000 deliveries per month.
    • Automate order processing. By integrating directly with the Uber Direct API, you can send order processing requests automatically (versus entering information manually into the dashboard).

  • Developer page enhancements. In addition to auto-granting API production scopes, the developer page houses new information to facilitate self-serve API integration. These enhancements include:
    • Resources. Access up-to-date documentation to guide developers through the integration process.
    • Credentials. Easily distinguish between production and test API credentials.
    • Payment experience. Quickly add a payment method to access production APIs.
Dustin Wang

“We’re committed to building experiences that empower your business. In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, we understand that package returns can create hurdles for you and your customers. With Uber Direct, you can go above and beyond delivery. We’re here to simplify your returns process, ensuring hassle-free returns that come back to your store or any location of your choice.”

Dustin Wang, Senior Product Manager, Uber

Designing the Uber platform to grow alongside you

Regardless of where you are in your growth journey, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to succeed. Your business is constantly evolving, and our product experience should reflect that. If an existing feature could be working better, or if a new feature could help take you to the next level, we want to know. Reach out to your account manager or contact Support to share your thoughts. We’re here to help.

¹ The latest Uber Eats Manager updates (payouts by order and homepage experience) are currently only available to restaurant operators and a limited number of grocery retailers in Canada and the US.

² Inventory management with Uber Direct is currently only available to businesses in Canada and the US that use the Oracle Retail Data Store.

³ Cash on delivery is currently available for businesses using Uber Direct in the following countries: Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan.

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