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Webinar: Why white-label delivery?

March 7, 2023

Featured speakers

Bernie  Huddlestun

Bernie Huddlestun, Senior Director, Uber Direct

Matt Smith

Matt Smith, former Chief Marketing Officer, One Table Restaurant Brands

Webinar overview

Today’s restaurant customers expect the ability to place orders on whatever channel they choose and receive their food as quickly as possible. To meet this expectation, many operators are building their own e-commerce capabilities, and large third-party delivery platforms are adapting to help them scale.

White-label delivery is an emerging innovation in the restaurant space, allowing businesses of all sizes to offer on-demand delivery on their own sales channels (like their website or mobile app) while outsourcing the delivery logistics. To understand how this works in practice, Food On Demand brought together 2 leaders for a webinar discussion: Bernie Huddlestun, Senior Director for Uber Direct, and Matt Smith, then Chief Marketing Officer at One Table Restaurant Brands (OTRB).

Over the course of the conversation, Smith describes how OTRB uses Uber Direct as a white-label delivery solution across its 2 restaurant concepts—Tender Greens and Tocaya—to enhance the customer experience, deepen brand loyalty, grow sales, and control costs. He also shares how combining the solution with a presence on the Uber Eats marketplace has helped the restaurant group diversify its delivery strategy and reach new customers who may not have found them organically.

If you’re a restaurant operator exploring new ways to expand your delivery capabilities, this conversation will help you weigh key considerations, including:

Customer trends

What the rise of on-demand delivery and new ordering behaviors mean for restaurant operators

Uber Direct: an overview

What the white-label solution is and ways it compares with the Uber Eats marketplace


How the commission-free cost structure allows businesses to scale affordably


Integration options, customer support, and ways to supplement your existing delivery fleet

Tips and tricks for businesses like yours

Looking for highlights from the conversation? Here are a few reasons OTRB uses Uber Direct for white-label delivery:


For guests who order directly from a restaurant, it’s important for the experience to feel as personal as possible. At Tocaya, OTRB’s modern Mexican restaurant concept, customers have access to an online nutrition calculator and allergen filters, allowing them to create an order that aligns with their preferences. With Uber Direct, Tocaya can offer a highly customizable experience while still ensuring that the food arrives quickly and in good condition.

Seamless logistics

The addition of Uber Direct has helped OTRB accommodate a higher delivery volume without needing to hire and manage more delivery staff. Plus, the process is simple: delivery orders arrive through OTRB’s sales channels, a courier in Uber’s network is dispatched to the store to retrieve the order, and along the way customers can stay in the loop with real-time tracking information.

Discovery and loyalty

On the Uber Eats marketplace, OTRB restaurants can reach new potential customers who are browsing for places to order from. Once that customer becomes aware of the brand, and perhaps decides to order from the restaurant directly, Uber Direct ensures that they enjoy the same fast and reliable delivery experience. In a world where it’s hard to build and retain loyal customers, this counts for a lot.

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“An online customer probably wants delivery. That’s true for any industry. You have to have a delivery strategy. And I think that’s where Uber Direct comes in. We’ll take care of the instant delivery. We have a very scaled logistics model that is very efficient, so you can leverage that. And that will allow you to not have to worry about your logistics and managing that so you can really focus on your e-commerce strategy and fundamentally drive growth for your business.”

Bernie Huddlestun, Senior Director, Uber Direct

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