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Shake Shack: Creating brand magic through delivery

November 11, 2022 | Global

Brand marketing at Shack Shack comes down to 3 pillars: make food that raises the bar, be an asset to neighborhoods, and create uplifting experiences. It was important to Shake Shack to bring these principles to life in a way that could translate to—and thrive on—a third-party delivery platform.

Working with Uber Eats, Shake Shack has been able to capture their brand values and drive real business impact. Today, they are delighting their customers with same-day delivery from their own website and app powered by Uber Direct, and expanding their reach even further by listing their products on the Uber Eats app.

In a webinar hosted by Food On Demand, Steph So, Head of Digital Experience at Shake Shack, shares how developing a strategic marketing plan alongside Uber Eats has helped the brand shine on both the Uber Eats platform and their own channels.

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