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Spotlight your stellar service with Top Eats

Let customers know that your service goes above and beyond. Uber Eats rewards qualifying merchants with a badge and top placement in the app.

Benefits to you

Recognition for a job well done

You work hard to offer superior service to your customers, and we want to give you the recognition you deserve.

Higher visibility where it counts

More people will see your business. You’ll receive top billing and even a special badge that lets customers know you offer excellent service.

A better bottom line

As a Top Eats merchant, you may see higher sales as customers get to know and trust you to exceed their expectations.

How Top Eats works

On the 1st of every month, we assess your performance over the past 90 days based on the 5 metrics below. If you’ve met the criteria, you’ll earn or keep your Top Eats status. You can check your performance and the goals for each metric in Uber Eats Manager.

Average star rating

Highly rated reviews let customers know they can expect outstanding food and service.

Completed orders

Successful, timely deliveries give customers the confidence to order from you.

Online rate

When customers come to your storefront, they can depend on your availability to take orders.

Missed order rate

Rare unaccepted orders mean your customers can rely on you to deliver.

Inaccurate order rate

Consistency in every order shows your customers that you pay attention to the details.

Frequently asked questions

  • No. After being on Uber Eats for at least 90 days, your business is automatically eligible to earn Top Eats status.

  • No, Top Eats status is earned through great work on real orders. It also lets your customers know they can expect a stellar experience with every order.

  • Yes, you need at least 90 days on Uber Eats to be eligible. If you meet this time frame and the metric goals after your first 90 days, you can earn Top Eats status.

  • Don’t worry—losing your Top Eats status doesn’t mean you can’t earn it again. In fact, you can see your performance in Uber Eats Manager to help pinpoint areas for improvement. We also provide a guide in the Top Eats dashboard with actions you can take.

  • Yes, users will see a badge next to your business’s name and will be able to filter for merchants with Top Eats status in the app.

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