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Marketing materials for your business

Get the word out and let customers know your business is available on Uber Eats. Here you will find easy-to-use, customizable assets to market your delivery and pickup business.

Before launching any co-marketing materials featuring the Uber Eats logo, please submit them to our Brand Desk for approval. Standard response time is 3-5 business days.

Your unique URL

Create and use your unique Uber Eats URL to provide customers with quick access to your offerings. Here’s how to find it:


  1. Go to
  2. Type the name of your business in the search bar.
  3. Click on your business’s name to be directed to your page.
  4. Copy the URL from your business page; this is your unique URL.

Co-marketing guidelines

Brand elements

Your brand should always take the visual lead in your own marketing. On darker backgrounds, use the white logo; for lighter backgrounds, use the black version. Uber Eats green should appear in partner co-marketing only on the app icon, web badges, and delivery bags. Use our logo files linked below.


The word mark is our most globally recognizable asset. Use the vertical (stacked) logo for portrait or square compositions; use the horizontal logo for landscape compositions.


The "order with" logo is a good way to make our brand and message clear to customers. The badge is available in dark and light versions, as well as in Uber Eats green when full color is preferred.


Our 3 core colors—black, white, and Uber Eats green—are the foundation of our visual identity. See specs below.

Uber Eats green

HEX: 06C167
RGB: 6, 193, 103
CMYK: 75, 0, 85, 0
PMS: 7480 C

App icon and web badge

For digital executions use our app icon to let people know they can download the app to order on Uber Eats. These can also be used for social media links and we’ve included an option with a CTA.

CTA logo lockups

Adding a call to action (CTA) next to the logo makes both our brand and message clear to customers. 

We’ve provided a library of lockup solutions featuring approved brand messaging. For exclusive media spotlight opportunities, please use the “Presented by” logo.

Clear space

The amount of clear space around the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “U” in Uber. This keeps the logo from getting crowded by images, text, or other graphics that compromise its visual integrity.

Minimum size:

Web - 30 PX Width

Print - .7in Width

Minimum size:

Web - 70 PX Width

Print - 1.4in Width

Logo lockup for partnership creative

Display your logo next to ours by placing them side by side. The partner logo appears first in lockups and takes the visual lead. The Uber Eats brand plays a supporting role. Use a line glyph to separate the logos with spacing from the line equal to the width of the “U” in Uber.

Logo misuse

Here are some examples of what not to do with our logo.


Do not use our previous two color wordmark.


Do not scale, wrap, alter, tilt, or rotate the form of the logo


Do not place text or visual elements within the clear space of the logo.


Do not change the color of the logo.


Do not add stylized filters to our logo.


Do not integrate our logo within copy.

Messaging guidelines

    • Available on
    • Presented by
    • Order with
    • Order via
    • Order on
    • Powered by
    • Open the Uber Eats app to order
    • Order [Business Name] with Uber Eats
    • Order [Business Name] for delivery with the Uber Eats app
    • Order [Business Name] goodness with the Uber Eats app
    • Order your favorites delivered with/via the Uber Eats app
    • Order whenever you like with the Uber Eats app
    • Finally! Order for delivery with Uber Eats
    • $0 Delivery Fee on orders of [$15] or more*
    • Terms and fees apply. See Uber Eats app for details and location availability.
    • $0 Delivery Fee with Uber Eats
    • $0 Delivery Fee on Uber Eats
    • $0 Delivery Fee starts now. Order on Uber Eats. Use code [XXXX] at checkout.
    • $0 Delivery Fee coming right up. Use the code [XXXX] at checkout.
    • Say hello to [Business Name]. Get a $0 Delivery Fee when you order [Select Item]. Use code [XXXX] at checkout.
    • Order your favorites
    • Order whenever you like with the Uber Eats app
    • Order today.
    • We're on Uber Eats! Order for delivery or pick-up today!
    • All your [Business Name] faves.
    • It’s here! [Business Name] is now on Uber Eats.
    • Enjoy [Select Item] today with Uber Eats.
    • Order your favorites for delivery now.
    • Request your favorites wherever you like.
    • Download the Uber Eats app to order now.
    • We’re now on the @UberEats app! Order our famous [Item Name] for delivery to your door.😍 #UberEats
    • All your [Business Name] faves are now on @UberEats. 🙌 #UberEats
    • Craving [Business Name] at home? Order your favorite items on the @UberEats app. #UberEats
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