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These pricing plans may not be available in your region

Please reach out to customer support or your account manager if you have questions.

X small

Pricing tailored to your business

The Uber Eats platform gives small businesses flexible options and transparent pricing to help you grow your storefront without cutting into your bottom line.

How fees work

Activation fees

When you sign up to Uber Eats, a fee will be charged to you up front for the tablet on which orders can be received. Other services like your menu photo shoot, ordering software, and setup support are included for no additional cost.

Marketplace fee

This fee is applied as part of every order you fulfill for customers using the Uber Eats app. It varies depending on how you choose to have your orders delivered. Read on for more.

More benefits

Good connections

Access delivery people using the Uber platform and connect with customers searching for food in your area.

Simple order management

The dashboard shows the status of each customer’s order. And after you join, we can help you integrate with your existing POS, where possible.

Marketing opportunities

We offer lots of ways to get you in the spotlight. In fact, we’re always showcasing our restaurant partners to Uber Eats app users.

Support team

From the day you sign up, we will help you get set up for success and will always be an email away.

Insightful, actionable data

Bring your performance into focus with sales, service quality, and customer satisfaction data.

Access to innovation

We hope you'll join us on the cutting edge of the industry.

*Fees shown are subject to agreed-upon terms and conditions.

**Using delivery people on the Uber platform is subject to a higher fee.