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About Carrefour

September 3, 2022 | Global

With more than 13,000 stores in 30 countries, Carrefour is a leading global retailer initially based in France. Carrefour excels at global retailing by focusing on innovative ways to serve the needs of its customers.

We spoke with Sabrina Lantoine, Director of E-commerce Partnerships, about Carrefour’s approach to innovation and how the retailer has succeeded in growing its business with an ever-expanding set of delivery solutions and personal shopping experiences.

Growth at a glance

€100M in delivery sales in the last 12 months on Uber Eats in France

22% higher spending by shoppers when they use multiple ordering channels

15-minute, 30-minute, and next-day delivery options now available

The partnership

Carrefour launched on Uber Eats in France in April 2020. Just 30 days later, it had 100 stores open. Within 12 months, Carrefour had opened 1,000 stores covering 160 cities in France—almost the entire country. While the initial growth was fueled in part by the pandemic, the retailer has seen high customer retention and continues to see growth in its online order volume and order frequency.

Carrefour has since expanded its e-commerce relationship with Uber Eats and Uber Direct to Taiwan, Belgium, Italy, and soon in Spain. It has also begun working in Brazil with Cornershop (acquired by Uber in 2021).


Results that matter

With a range of new online delivery services, including Carrefour on Uber Eats, and the addition of Uber Direct on its own website, Carrefour in France recorded €100M in delivery sales in the last 12 months, far exceeding expectations.

Uber Eats and Carrefour have been working together to create weekly promotions that help Carrefour attract new customers and engage more frequently with existing customers. Future plans include the integration of Carrefour’s loyalty programs online.

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