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Days 3-5: Receive your tablet (if applicable)

If you are using an Uber Eats tablet, read the information below to learn how to find tracking information for your tablet and let your staff know when it will arrive. If you are using your own device, proceed to days 3–7 to start accepting orders.

Track your Uber Eats tablet

Tracking information

Your tablet tracking information is sent by Clover, our tablet distributor. You can find the details in our email titled “Your menu is ready for review.”

Tablet status

To get an update on your tablet status, click on the link below to contact Uber Eats Support.

Other device options

If you’re still waiting for an Uber Eats tablet and want to use your own in the meantime, click on the link below to learn about all of your options.

Have any questions or need help?

Choose from the options below to get help with your account and orders.

Help Center

Search your issue on our Help Center’s FAQ page.

Call or text

For restaurant owners, contact Uber Eats Support. If you call, press 1 for Restaurants, then press 2 if you haven’t completed an order yet. You can also click below to reach out.

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