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The products and services mentioned in this article may not be available in your region. Please reach out to customer support or your account manager if you have questions.

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Built Your Way: Product enhancements for every type of business

Working with Uber Eats, you deserve tools that are reliable, flexible, and capable of creating measurable value. To build this product experience, we’re focused on forming the deepest possible understanding of your business by visiting your stores, hearing your feedback and pain points, and identifying what you need to operate successfully.

In this issue of Built Your Way, we invite you to explore recent product enhancements. Whether you just joined the platform or are hoping to expand your delivery operations, you'll find new ways to drive demand, deepen customer relationships, and streamline your operations. Jump to a dedicated section to learn more about:

New tools for restaurant operators

We know that our restaurant partners are focused on driving demand on the Uber Eats platform, but not at the expense of control. The latest product updates provide you with new ways to scale your business while keeping you in the driver’s seat. Explore further:

Stay in control of your finances

  • Order accuracy analytics and reporting. We’ve updated reporting capabilities to help you spot order accuracy issues earlier, enhance the customer experience, and prevent chargebacks to your business. In Uber Eats Manager, navigate to the Analytics tab, then select Operations to drill into robust insights, some of which include:
    • The amount charged back to your store due to inaccurate orders
    • The number of inaccurate orders over time
    • A breakdown of inaccurate orders by issue type
    • A heatmap with the times of day when inaccurate orders are reported most
    • For multilocation partners, a breakdown of stores reporting the highest volume of inaccurate orders as well as top offending items
    • Definitions for all terms associated with inaccurate and canceled orders

Stand out to new customers

  • Self-serve storefront image. The first impression your business makes on the Uber Eats app comes from your storefront image. With the new self-serve capability, you can upload, update, and approve cover images yourself right from Uber Eats Manager. This allows you to:
    • Stay in control of your branding, without the added step of contacting Support
    • Promote holidays, seasonal items, and limited-time menu offerings
    • Stand out to new and returning customers with fresh imagery
  • Multilocation self-signup.¹ If you manage a number of store locations, you now have an easier way to sign them up for Uber Eats yourself. When you log in to Uber Eats Manager, navigate to Stores and click on Add in the top right corner. From there, you’ll have the option to:
    • Add stores under existing brands
    • Associate new stores to existing stores under a brand
    • Add new stores under a new brand
  • Onboarding center. If you’re just starting out with Uber Eats or you have new stores joining the platform, it’s important that you’re met with a clear onboarding experience that sets you up for success. Now the Uber Eats Manager dashboard will show new stores clear onboarding prompts to make sure all the essentials are in place before you start. With this new interface, you can expect:
    • Centralized guides and educational resources
    • More transparency around necessary steps
    • Enhanced self-serve capabilities, reducing time spent with Support
    • Visibility into store location view if multiple stores are in onboarding status


“On any given day, your to-do list extends far beyond delivery. So when it comes to Uber Eats, it’s important that your experience with the product is seamless. These latest updates are designed to give you more control and clarity, whether you’re onboarding new stores or managing your existing one. Spend less time with Support and more time growing your restaurant.”

Mugdhaa Garg, Product Operations Manager, Uber Eats

Access new features and personalized support in Uber Eats Manager

Enhancing the grocery experience

When it comes to building omnichannel shopping experiences for customers, we know that grocery retailers like you seek out seamless technology and logistics, as well as reliable partnership. We’ve made these expectations the cornerstone of how we build products. From small businesses to large enterprise brands, we do our best to understand your needs and design features to support your performance goals. Explore ways you can tap into the Uber Eats platform to drive demand, streamline shopping operations, and manage your grocery business:

Drive demand and reach new customers

  • In-app promotions. To support your growth on the platform, we’re investing in marketing initiatives on your behalf. Across the Uber and Uber Eats apps, customers will encounter a range of promotions to inspire grocery purchases. These formats include:
    • Pop-up banners while customers use the apps to request rides or order delivery
    • Seasonal promotions to highlight special events and holidays
    • Discounts and offers to drive trial and purchase
  • Uber One member access. Uber One is a paid membership program that offers benefits and discounts that can be applied in the Uber Eats app, such as $0 Delivery Fee and discounts on eligible orders. Depending on how you partner with Uber Eats, you’ll have the option to offer Uber One members these benefits when they order from you. This allows you to:
    • Stand out to members with an Uber One badge in the app
    • Reach active users who are more likely, on average, to order more often and place larger orders compared with nonmembers³
    • Provide an elevated experience to customers who receive priority service on delivery and customer support
  • Loyalty integration. Create a rewarding experience for your best customers by allowing them to link their existing loyalty account with Uber Eats. When ordering in the app, your customers will receive the benefits of their membership, allowing you to:
    • Retain existing customers by extending their benefits beyond the store
    • Gain access to data for customers using their membership in Uber Eats
    • Increase order size and frequency

Streamline shopping operations

  • Weight-based pricing. Expand your catalog with popular and profitable items that require pricing by weight, such as deli goods and produce. Through this feature, you can:
    • Protect your margins with more precise pricing
    • Provide customers with more choice
    • Cater to demand for fresh ingredients with flexible options

Manage your business

  • Catalog management. Seamlessly integrate your catalog with the Uber Eats platform to offer more options to your customers and to drive more revenue. Our product and engineering teams can work closely with you to:
    • Increase the number of SKUs available to drive larger orders
    • Enrich your catalog with images and descriptions to improve the shopping experience

“As you scale your omnichannel strategy, we want you to view us as extensions of your business. With over 12 years of experience in technology and logistics, we can help you navigate the challenges of online grocery and build an experience that works seamlessly for you, your staff, and your customers.”

Chris On, Lead Product Manager for New Verticals, Uber Eats

White-label delivery with Uber Direct

Your customers expect a seamless delivery experience across different ordering touch points. With Uber Direct—a commission-free, on-demand delivery solution—you can meet this expectation from your own sales channels. Start accepting orders from your own app, website, or phone and we’ll connect you with couriers in the Uber network to power delivery. Whether you’re a restaurant, grocery or retail store, pharmacy, or middleware provider serving merchants, explore ways to expand your delivery operations:

Select a custom solution for your business

  • Self-signup through the Uber Direct dashboard. When you sign up for Uber Direct, you can start placing delivery requests through the dashboard in minutes. If your business manages fewer than 1,000 deliveries per month, this manual choice is a great place to start. With this option, you can expect:
    • Simple onboarding steps, with signup completed in no more than 5 minutes
    • Intuitive user experience
    • Manual order processing, allowing you to input and process deliveries across multiple sales channels (such as phone, website, and third-party apps)
  • Platform integration. While you’ll always have the option to use the dashboard, you can also tap into Uber Direct from existing platforms you use, such as your point-of-sale, order management system, or other tech platforms. This option allows you to:
    • Automatically receive and process delivery orders
    • Streamline your delivery operations from a single platform
    • Integrate without developer support
  • API integration. If you’ve built your own online ordering experience and manage more than 1,000 deliveries per month, you have the option of integrating directly with the Uber Direct API. Through this more custom route, you can:
    • Automatically receive and process orders
    • Control the technology relationship
    • Gain access to our entire feature set

Outsource logistics and streamline operations

  • Best-in-class delivery logistics. Offer a seamless delivery experience for your customers without building a fleet of your own. Lean on us to provide:
    • Immediate (under 2 hours), same-day, and scheduled local delivery options to your customers
    • Access to an expansive network of couriers on the Uber platform
    • Multiple options for proof of delivery, including photo, signature, PIN code, and barcode scan
    • Live tracking link so you and your customers can stay updated with the location of the courier
  • Customer support and fraud protection. Subscribe to Uber-managed customer support to have our teams handle delivery issues for you. Even if you prefer to have more control over the customer support experience, you still have the option of escalating issues to our team as needed. Our goal is to help you:
    • Handle even the most complex requests with 12+ years of logistics expertise
    • Reduce pressure on your in-store operations teams
    • Save costs associated with staffing your own support team


“You know your customers better than anyone else. And with Uber Direct, you can stay in complete control of your customers’ ordering experience. As your trusted technology partner, we provide access to an expansive network of couriers who can help power on-demand delivery for your business. We take the delivery logistics off your plate so you can worry about one less thing and focus on what you do best.”

Wendy Lee, Director of Product Management, Uber Direct

Access new features and personalized support in your Uber Direct dashboard

Evolving to meet your needs

Your feedback is the foundation of our product experience. As your business grows and your needs change, tell us what you need to thrive. We promise to listen, learn, and build on your behalf. If you have questions about how to use any of these features or want suggestions for how our platform can better serve you, reach out to your Account Manager or visit our Help page to contact our Support team.

¹Customers who add locations with the self-signup feature will be subject to standard pricing. If you have existing stores under negotiated terms, contact your account manager to add additional locations.

²Based on internal data.

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