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4 effective ways to increase customer satisfaction

Across industries, winning over customers is integral to success. Whether you’re running a retail boutique, department store, or restaurant, customer satisfaction matters. It’s the key to building brand reputation, achieving word-of-mouth marketing, and winning repeat business. If you’re striving to achieve long-term success, thinking about how to improve customer satisfaction must be a priority.

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction (also referred to as CSAT) describes how customers feel when a business meets or exceeds their expectations. Achieving customer satisfaction goes far beyond offering a satisfactory product. It requires thinking about the overall customer experience your brand provides—from the interactions a customer has with employees to the time they spend on your website to the delivery experience.

While it requires a real investment, earning customer satisfaction produces tangible results. Satisfied customers are much more likely to return to your business, recommend your products, and provide positive reviews. Simply put, the work can pay off.

4 ways to improve customer satisfaction

It’s clear why happy customers are important. The next step is building your happy customer base. Here’s how to increase customer satisfaction in your brand with 4 key strategies:

1. Listen to your customers

Listening to your customers is the best way to understand how they feel about your brand now and to identify the most meaningful steps you can take to improve customer satisfaction moving forward. Here are some of the ways to do this:

Pay attention to customer feedback. Many customers are happy to tell you what they think directly, and they probably already do so in a number of formats. These formats can include:

  • Customer reviews. Your customer reviews are a treasure trove of valuable insights. Don’t let it go to waste. Use reviews to understand trends in what customers like most about your brand and where they see room for improvement.
  • Customer service inquiries. Customer service data can provide insights into the main issues customers experience. Pay attention to how often inquiries come in, what they’re for, and how long they take to resolve.

Solicit customer input directly. In addition to the feedback you already collect, you can prompt customers to share their thoughts more proactively. This can take a few forms:

  • Customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). You can collect CSAT by sending a survey that asks customers to rate their satisfaction level with your business.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a metric based on a survey question asking customers to rate how likely they are to recommend your brand to friends.
  • Qualitative customer surveys. Sending qualitative surveys with open-ended questions can provide you with more personalized responses and add color to your CSAT and NPS ratings.

2. Make doing business with you easy

Convenience matters. If getting your products is difficult, customers may abandon their carts or take their business elsewhere. Strive to make ordering and receiving your products as easy as possible. Here are a few smart tips to accomplish that:

Build an intuitive website. Every website visitor should have an easy time finding the information they need. Offer intuitive navigation and consider adding filtering capabilities to help customers find specific products more effortlessly. When customers don’t have to work hard to find the information they need, the decision to make an order is that much easier.

Invest in a seamless checkout process. According to 2023 research from Dynamic Yield, cart abandonment rates are around 73%. That means a lot of people seriously considering a purchase bail at the last minute. One good way to win back those sales is to make your checkout process as smooth as possible. Consider offering a few different payment methods so customers can choose the one that’s easiest for them. And if you give first-time customers the chance to save their information for next time, that makes every future checkout experience faster.

Let customers place orders through multiple sales channels. Meet customers where they are by accepting orders from channels beyond your website and physical storefronts. For example, partnering with third-party delivery platforms gives your current customers another easy way to place orders with you, and it helps you reach a new customer base as well.

Offer multiple delivery options. Some of your most enthusiastic customers will want to receive their order sooner rather than later. You can ensure that all your customers get their items when they want them, on their own terms, by offering multiple delivery options. That could include traditional delivery, same-day delivery, express delivery (with items arriving in under an hour), and scheduled delivery. By giving customers more options to choose from, you increase your chances of satisfying all of them.

3. Invest in strong customer service

Customer issues will always arise, no matter how hard you work to create a great customer experience. One of the most important ways to achieve customer satisfaction is by making sure you’re prepared to respond effectively when customers have questions and concerns.

Prioritize training for your employees. Your staff has a crucial role to play in how customers interact with your business. Invest in training that provides them with the information they need to offer knowledgeable support.

Provide omnichannel support. Customers now expect brands to be available across multiple channels. To provide them with convenient support on the channels that work best for them, invest in an omnichannel approach. Do your best to make support staff available by phone, email, social media, text, and any third-party platforms you use. If you don’t have the resources to manage all those channels, solicit customer feedback to identify which are most important to your target audience.

Commit to fast responses. When a customer has an issue, they want help quickly. In a 2023 study from Shep Hyken, 86% of consumers said getting fast responses to customer support inquiries is important to them. Train employees to prioritize answering customer questions promptly. Don’t let speed be the enemy of accuracy—better to get out a fast response letting the customer know you’re working on it than to rush a response that provides the wrong answer.

Create a positive delivery experience. The delivery experience is a crucial element of customer satisfaction—especially as more people expect fast delivery for the products they want (sometimes within minutes). Here are a few practical steps you can take to offer a better delivery experience:

  • Confirm that all orders are packed properly to avoid any breaks or spills in transit. This is especially important for food and drink orders.
  • Cross-reference the receipts for every order to make sure no items are missing.
  • Strive to keep inventory up to date so customers don’t end up ordering out-of-stock items.
  • Work to share accurate delivery estimate times by tracking past data. The fewer surprises you create, the happier your customers are likely to be.

4. Build relationships with your customers

Meeting customer expectations with each order is a basic requirement for achieving customer satisfaction. But to go even further and inspire customer loyalty, you want to invest in building relationships with your customers. A few ways you can achieve that:

Respond to reviews. Customers who take time to leave a review are engaging with your business. When the reviews are positive, a response shows that you’re listening and gives you a chance to express your gratitude. Even negative reviews are an opportunity to try to own up to mistakes and mend relationships.

Use email marketing to stay in touch. Email marketing is a way to stay top of mind with your best customers. Take care to email only the customers who have opted in to your email list. They’re indicating that they want to hear from you—and that’s valuable. Do your best to earn their continued attention with emails that provide helpful information and special promotions.

Offer a loyalty program. A loyalty program gives you a way to reward your best customers. Knowing that each purchase counts toward future discounts can incentivize them to spend more with your brand. It’s a smart way to further nurture customer satisfaction and turn it into long-term loyalty.

Provide personalized offers. Customers who have signed up for your email list, created an account on your website, or joined your loyalty program all provide something you can use to serve them better: data. When you have information about a customer’s past orders, personal preferences, and special dates (like their birthday), you can use it to send personalized offers. And letting a customer know when their favorite item is on sale is valuable to them—and more likely to lead to new sales for you.

Improve customer satisfaction with Uber Eats

As you consider next steps for how to build customer satisfaction more effectively, know that there are resources you can use to make the work a bit easier. Partnering with Uber Eats can help you better meet customer needs, even if your own resources are limited. By working with Uber Eats, you can offer:

More convenient ordering options. Businesses that partner with Uber Eats can give customers multiple options for delivery and pickup. By joining the Uber Eats marketplace, you can provide customers with another channel where they can discover and order from you. If you’re hoping to expand the delivery options you offer from your own sales channels, you can also use Uber Direct—a white-label delivery solution—to give your most loyal customers an option for on-demand delivery when they order through your website or app.

Communication tools to strengthen relationships. Uber Eats offers a customer feedback tool that allows businesses to respond to any reviews customers leave directly in the app. You can use it to thank customers for their positive words, or to turn a bad review around into a positive customer experience with a discount or order incentive. And if you miss an order or end up canceling one due to an unforeseen hiccup, you can use an in-app messenger feature to communicate the error to your customers and make the situation right.

Customer support across multiple channels. Uber Eats provides 24/7 customer support by phone, by email, and through our online forums. Whether you accept orders through the Uber Eats app or use Uber to power delivery from your own channels, our support staff can take some of the operational pressure off your shoulders, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Earning customer satisfaction requires a commitment to creating a great experience during each stage of a customer’s journey with your brand. That can take a lot of effort, but you can improve customer satisfaction with less work on your end by finding the right partner to help.

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