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Uber Report: The new brand builder

On-demand delivery as a core business driver

Key findings in the report

of consumers expect express delivery as an option

of consumers say that a company lost their business because they didn’t offer express delivery

of consumers are more likely to continue ordering from companies that offer express delivery

Get delivery statistics to inform your on-demand strategy

On-demand delivery has become a crucial tool for businesses to build customer loyalty. Nailing the last mile of the customer journey provides a strategic opportunity for businesses of all sizes to increase their bottom line and win over customers. It’s no longer just table stakes but inextricably tied to product and customer satisfaction.

In this report from Uber and Edelman, get data to understand what customers expect from your business when it comes to on-demand delivery, especially express delivery (within 2 hours), including:

  • How it influences their repeat purchase decisions
  • How it affects their online shopping cart behavior
  • How they feel about features such as real-time tracking

Plus, get the inside scoop on what the next generation of shoppers, GenZers, expects from your brand.

Guidance and tips

Learn more about white-label delivery

What is white-label delivery?

With a white-label delivery solution, your business can add on-demand delivery to your own website or app—delighting loyal customers and streamlining operations in the process.

What is last-mile delivery? The problem and solutions

Getting products to their final order destination is often easier said than done. Learn more about the challenges of last-mile delivery and emerging solutions that can help businesses overcome them.

What is a courier service?

By working with a courier service, businesses can meet growing demand for fast delivery. Learn more about courier services, how they compare to more traditional carriers, and ways to evaluate if they might be a good fit for your business.

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