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Lesson 8: Managing orders

In this lesson, you’ll learn what goes on behind the scenes of each order, and how to adapt as customers’ needs change.

This lesson outlines how orders are received, and what to do when you need to modify or cancel them.

Part 1: Preparing orders to be picked up

Get to know the life cycle of each order, as well as your obligations and steps to take.

Part 2: Adapting to needs on the fly

Learn ways you can adapt as conditions change, from order add-ons to cancellations.

Part 1: Preparing orders to be picked up

Understand what happens when orders enter the system and the steps you need to take to ensure satisfaction.

The life cycle of every order

  • When a customer places an order, you’ll receive a notification lasting 12 minutes. For more info on customer orders, see our guide.

  • You must accept the order within the time frame, or the system will automatically cancel it.

  • If 2 consecutive cancellations are made, the system will suspend order-taking mode. See additional information on cancellations here.

  • Once order-taking mode is suspended, you’ll have to manually switch it back online. If you don’t, it will automatically resume the next day.


How to fulfill orders received

  • Complete everything the order calls for within the countdown time frame. If more time is needed to prepare the order, you can add it.

  • Before the countdown expires, the system will match delivery partners. The time it takes to create a match, however, will depend on your market’s conditions.

  • At this time, customers who have arranged pickup orders will also be notified.

  • Finally, check the order number before handing the meal to the courier or customer. For more info on meal handoffs, please see our guide.


Part 2: Adapting to needs on the fly

If a customer requests extra sauce, or an item is freshly out of stock, you have options for that. Here are ways to adapt to changing conditions.

Adjusting the price of an order

  • While viewing an order, tap the Manage order button, then Price adjustment.
  • In the box to the right of Adjustment Amount, enter an additional amount up to $5.
  • If you’d like to offer a discount, enter a minus sign (-) to make a negative adjustment.

What to do when items are out of stock

  • When the contents of an order are unavailable, mark the items as Sold out. If this function isn’t available, call the customer to confirm their order.
  • After being notified, the customer will have 10 minutes to cancel or modify the order. Wait for the system to notify them to reply before completing the order.
  • If the customer modifies the order, the system will display a popup notification and update the order content and amount.
  • If a customer’s request can’t be met, reply to inform the customer. They will have 10 minutes to make adjustments, or cancel the order.
  • Wait for the customer’s reply before continuing to complete the order.

Congratulations on finishing this lesson! For more tips and inspiration, check out our other topics.

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