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Kibo Sushi: Driving growth and customer loyalty with delivery

June 6, 2023 | Canada

Kibo Sushi has been winning customers for more than 10 years with a focus on hard work, local ingredients and the belief that delicious, fresh food is the best way to grow a restaurant business. Their name means Hope in Japanese, and the organization shares the hope that customers will love their food and return often – a winning strategy that has resulted in a huge percent of their customers returning regularly.

Kibo Sushi has always had a neighborhood focus. However, Bo Seo, the CEO and founder of Kibo Sushi, recognized early on that “Sushi is a perfect item for takeout.” In 2018 he decided that it was time to make delivery available across the restaurant group. It was a smart decision that helped Kibo Sushi weather the pandemic and has helped them grow to 39 locations across the Canada area, with more plans to expand on the horizon.

By the numbers:

locations across Canada

of revenue from online orders

of Ontario deliveries handled by Uber Eats

Offering delivery, without losing focus on food

To start, Kibo looked into building their own delivery system. At the time, the restaurant had 8 locations in Toronto. Seo quickly realized that trying to create and manage his own delivery system was a distraction. He wanted his teams focused on making great food.

When Uber Eats came to Seo suggesting a collaboration, he saw an opportunity. By working with a company that enables fast, convenient delivery, Kibo could keep their focus on making delicious sushi and building relationships with their customers.

“At Kibo Sushi we focus on the quality of the food. Uber Eats helps us reach new customers online and handles all aspects of the delivery experience. With Uber Eats we can grow much faster.”

Bo Seo, CEO and Founder

Growing a loyal customer base with Uber Eats

By working with Uber Eats, Kibo Sushi was able to provide their existing customers with new, more convenient options for enjoying the food they already know and love. But beyond that, joining the Uber Eats marketplace offered a way to reach a whole new audience of sushi lovers.

“Some people don’t go out to eat, they prefer to stay home or choose to eat at work going through the Pandemic and it became a new behavior trend in this industry” explains Seo. “Uber Eats brings this customer to us.” Because Kibo always delivers high-quality food, once those customers discover the restaurant and its food, they don’t stop ordering.

Scaling the business with Uber Eats

Since partnering with Uber Eats, Kibo Sushi has grown to 39 locations across Canada, but they’re starting to add locations in Montreal and Ottawa, and have plans to expand into the United States as well.

In addition to reaching new customers who find them through the Uber Eats app, they’ve had success using Uber Eats’ marketing tools to attract new customers and drive more repeat orders online. Offering promotions on off-peak days helps them even out demand throughout the week, helping them optimize staff and profits.

With takeout and delivery orders accounting for more than 60% of their business, they’re able to deliver great results to more customers with less work. “Pickup and delivery are easier to provide because we can only focus on maintaining the good quality of food,” explains Seo.

Seo wants to make Kibo’s delicious, fresh sushi accessible to as many people as possible. By working with Uber Eats, he’s making fast progress on that goal.

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