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What is the Uber Eats POS integration?

Streamline your operations and make menu updates, all while expanding your reach using Point of Sale integration with Uber Eats.

Simplify operations

Avoid problems managing your business, such as wifi issues, order errors and cancellations, and constantly needing to update your apps. With Uber Eats POS integration, you can improve efficiency, keep track of inventory, manage different menus, and build earnings reports.

Benefits of integrating your POS system

One platform experience with resources focused on your business

Integrated menu, pricing, and stock

Automatic order acceptance without manual transcription

Why integrate?

In addition to the operational benefits mentioned above, integrated merchants show better results on several operational metrics:

  • +US$27K monthly sales growth
  • +6.4% in sales and internal resources optimization
  • -10% on your end-to-end order time
  • +US$28K monthly savings within your operation

What can be integrated?

  • Orders: So you don’t have to accept and manage them manually
  • Menus: So you don’t have to worry about updating prices, stock, and items
  • Reports: So you can automatically get your reports with payment details or user feedback
  • Businesses: So you can control and manage the visibility of your establishments

How does it work?

1. The customer places an order.

2. The order is automatically captured in your POS system.

3. The order is delivered to your prep area and a ticket is printed.

4. The order is prepared and ready to be delivered.

5. A delivery partner delivers the order.

6. The customer receives their order.

How do I start?

  • If your POS provider is already integrated with Uber Eats, please reach out directly to request activation for your business
  • If not, please fill out this form so we can start your integration right away
  • Once it’s completed, our team of specialists will contact you

POS partners

Uber Eats has agreements with different POS providers, which offers your business automation, management, and administration of the orders you receive. If your business does not have a POS system, you can contact one of the suppliers and manage all your orders from a single application.

Frequently asked questions

  • The self-enrollment portal varies with each POS provider. You can usually navigate to the integration page on your POS provider’s account dashboard to get started.

  • Depending on your POS provider, it can be up and running instantly or in about 2 days. We’ll send you email updates on the status of your business.

  • You can do this from web browsers on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Yes. You can also stop and return to where you left off.

  • Uber Eats does not charge any additional fees for the integration, but be sure to check with your POS provider about whether they’ll charge you for the integration.

  • You can register and integrate several businesses.

  • Our auto-signup page currently only supports small and medium-sized businesses. For merchants, a dedicated Uber Eats representative will complete the onboarding for you.

  • We have partnerships with some of the leading POS providers, but we recommend contacting your POS provider for more information.

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