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Impulsamos el crecimiento de pequeñas y medianas empresas

Descubre cómo la asociación de Uber con los establecimientos afecta a las comunidades y las economías locales.

Un vistazo a nuestro impacto global

Uber Eats se asocia con más de 1 millón de establecimientos en más de 11 000 ciudades de todo el mundo, lo que respalda el crecimiento económico de una variedad de negocios, incluidos restaurantes, súper, tiendas Express, Retail y de bebidas alcohólicas.

customers had something delivered via Uber Eats in 2022

USD was pumped into local economies in the last year due to billions of order being facilitated by the Uber Eats platform*

are small or medium-sized businesses*

Read our 2022 Merchant Impact Report

At Uber Eats, our merchant partners play a fundamental role not just in the success of our business, but also in keeping us connected to the customers we serve.

Whether it’s the go-to breakfast taco place, the neighborhood florist, or the coffee shop that has great espresso and even better pastries, our team shares the same excitement for the local favorites available every day on Uber Eats. That’s why we’re committed to building products and services that bring measurable value to small business owners.

We’re proud to publish the results of our 2022 Merchant Impact Report—which come directly from a survey of merchant partners. The report represents what they care most about, and helps us understand how we can best continue to serve them as we build our businesses together.

Today and every day, we’re focused on partnering with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to help them grow their businesses on their own terms—especially when times are hard. Whether through investments like our Grants for Growth program or by partnering with other leading technology solutions to simplify operations, our teams are building new tools and resources to help merchants grow at their own speed, and in their own way. The 2022 Merchant Impact Report provides a deep dive into Uber’s work with SMB merchants, their priorities, and how our work together impacts local communities and economies.

*Ingresos netos de los establecimientos facilitados por Uber Eats en 2022.

**A nivel mundial, los establecimientos se etiquetan como empresas medianas en función de una serie de factores, incluido el tamaño de su cadena principal. En este informe, los datos de las empresas medianas de Estados Unidos y Canadá se encuentran entre los establecimientos que se describen a sí mismos como una empresa local e independiente y/o una pequeña empresa.

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