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Introducing contactless order and pay

Ensure the safety of your staff and customers. With Uber Eats contactless ordering, customers can scan your unique QR code from their mobile device. There’s no need to exchange menus, cash, or credit cards.

Offer customers a touch-free experience

Make it easy for your customers to browse your menu, order, pay, and tip—all from the Uber Eats app or mobile website. Here’s what your customers can expect:


Customers simply need to hold their smartphone camera up to your QR code to get the link to your menu.


Tapping the link opens the menu on their device, where they can view your menu offerings and make their selections.


Once their order is ready, customers pay right from their mobile device—no need for them to handle cash or cards.

Put it to work for you in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Download and print your QR code

Display your unique QR code in a place where it’s easy for customers to scan, such as your tables, countertop, or window.

Step 2: Customers scan your QR code

Direct your customers to scan the QR code to browse your menu and make their selections right from their smartphones.

Step 3: You receive and handle the order

The order will appear for you on the Uber Eats Orders app. Simply accept and prepare the order as usual.

Frequently asked questions

  • QR codes will always be free. You’ll be charged a 2.5% fee to cover payment processing costs.

  • Yes. And your restaurant will receive 100% of the tips.

  • No. Your customers pay only for the cost of their order and sales tax. Customers also have the option to leave a tip, which will be paid directly to the restaurant.

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