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These pricing plans may not be available in your region

Please reach out to customer support or your account manager if you have questions.

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Pricing tailored to your business

Grow your business your way with flexible and transparent pricing options that are within your control.¹

Choose what’s right for you

No 2 businesses are alike, and our partnership options reflect that. You can partner with Uber Eats in various ways—including Marketplace and Uber Direct—to help reach customers and generate sales.

Marketplace plans: reach customers on Uber Eats

Expand your reach by offering customers delivery and pickup from your business in the Uber Eats app. The Marketplace plans are designed to meet you where you are based on your goals. Choose between Lite, Plus, Premium, and an option for self-delivery.


Our lowest-cost plan is for businesses looking to reach customers who already know you.

You pay

  • 23% fee for delivery orders
  • 18% fee for pickup orders

You get

  • Access to Uber One customer base, the most valuable and active Uber customer base. At extra cost: +5% on Uber One orders

  • Payment processing fee included

  • No Uber Investment in promotions


Our mid-cost plan helps businesses get discovered by new customers.

You pay

  • 26% fee for delivery orders
  • 18% fee for pickup orders

Additional benefits

  • Access to Uber One customer base, the most valuable and active Uber customer base. At extra cost: +3% on Uber One orders
  • Uber Investment in promotions that can apply to your business


This is the best fit for businesses that want to stand out and reach more new customers.

You pay

  • 29% fee for delivery orders
  • 18% fee for pickup orders

Additional benefits

  • Access to Uber One customer base, the most valuable and active Uber customer base. At extra cost: +1% on Uber One orders
  • 0% fees if you don’t get at least 20 orders per month during your first 3 months.²
  • We match your Uber ad spending, up to $50,00 per month.³
  • Premium support for your business

Self-delivery option

With Uber you can choose to use your own delivery people to deliver the orders you receive from Uber Eats. You pay a 15% fee for Self-delivery orders from the Uber Eats app.

Should you get busy or need extra delivery support, we’re happy to help fill in with delivery people registered in the Uber Eats’ platform. You will be charged 30% for any orders delivered by delivery people on Uber Eats app.

Explore Marketplace plan benefits in more detail

  • Across the Lite, Plus, and Premium Marketplace plans, the following benefits will be available to your business:

    • Discoverability of your store in the Uber Eats app
    • Facilitation of delivery service through Uber’s delivery network
    • Order management and tracking
    • Payment processing
    • Receipt of performance data, sales analytics, and insights
    • 24/7 customer support for your business, your customers, and delivery people in Uber’s network
    • Access to an in-app marketing suite and the option to purchase ads

    The same benefits are available to you if you sign up for the self-delivery plan.

  • Uber One is Uber’s paid membership program that offers members specific benefits and discounts that can be applied in the Uber Eats app. These members are unique to Uber and are more likely, on average, to order more often and place larger orders compared with nonmembers⁴.

    You can participate as a merchant in any plan you choose paying an extra fee for it. By signing up, your business will get the Uber One icon in the Uber Eats app. That signals to Uber One members that they’ll receive benefits when ordering from you.

  • Under any plan, you have the option to access in-app marketing tools and purchase ads, which increases the likelihood of your business being placed higher in the homescreen and in search and category results in the Uber Eats app.

    As an additional benefit of the Premium plan, your business is offered ads credit matching of up to $50,00 per month based on your previous month’s spending on these placements.

    Eligibility for ads credit matching begins on the first day of your first full calendar month of enrollment and will continue each month after that, with matched credits expiring at the end of each month. For example, if you join the platform with the Premium plan on January 15 and spend $35,00 on ads throughout February, Uber Eats on March 1 will provide $35,00 in matched ads credit, which will expire at the end of March.

  • As an additional benefit if you enroll in the Premium plan, Uber will reimburse your Marketplace Fee if you do not receive at least 20 orders in a month, for the first 3 months. This benefit is applicable to orders delivered with delivery people in Uber’s network and the pickup sales channel.

    To qualify for this benefit in a given month, you must have fewer than 3 cancellations or missed orders, and you must be online on Uber Eats at least 95% of your store hours indicated in Uber Eats Manager.

    For purposes of reimbursement eligibility, orders will be tracked only after the first full month on the platform, and reimbursement amounts will be paid on the first day of the calendar month after the month you qualified for reimbursement. For example, if you join Uber Eats with the Premium plan on January 15, Uber will begin tracking the minimum 20 orders/month on March 1, with Marketplace Fee reimbursements to be made on April 1, if applicable.

More choices: drive sales from your existing channels

You can optimize your sales by combining your Marketplace plan with either Webshop or Uber Direct—solutions designed to give customers more ways to order from your channels directly.

Uber Direct

You receive and manage orders through your own online store, and Direct lets you offer convenient delivery by connecting your customers to delivery people on the Uber Eats’ platform.

Frequently asked questions

  • Depending on how you choose to work with Uber Eats, different fees may be charged on orders facilitated through the platform. Fees are largely determined by 2 factors:

    1. How you get discovered and receive your orders: Through the Uber Eats app (referred to above as the Marketplace) or your own channels (Uber Direct)

    2. How you fulfill your orders: Using delivery people in Uber’s network, your own delivery staff, or customer pickup.

    When working with Uber Eats, you can expect your earnings in a given pay period to equal the total retail price of all items (including sales taxes) minus applicable fees paid to Uber and delivery people and any refunds given to customers for order errors within your control, after fraud checks.

  • Fees facilitate the marketing, sale, and fulfillment of orders on the Uber Eats platform. Charging a fee helps us build a third-party delivery experience that creates value for your business and customers. Here are some of the items that the Marketplace Fee covers:

    • On-demand lead generation: By listing your business on the Uber Eats app, customers across our rides and delivery network have the ability to find and order from your business. The fee allows us to invest in ongoing marketing and promotion efforts to bring more customers to our platform on your behalf.

    • Delivery service facilitation: A network of delivery people who have signed up with Uber will always be available to your business, if you choose. The fee helps us cover costs associated with background checks, insurance, and efforts to help recruit and retain these individuals.

    • Tools and technology: We offer your business a number of tools for order management, menu making, insights and analytics, in-app marketing, and more. The fee allows us to invest in resources to keep these tools up to date and running smoothly.

    • Payment processing: With the exception of Webshop and Uber Direct, the fee includes all payment processing fees for your business when customers place an order through the Uber Eats app.

    • 24/7 customer support: Fees help us invest in the personnel and infrastructure to provide support (by phone, email, and online forums) to your business, your customers, and delivery people in Uber’s network all day, every day.

  • We do not charge your business any hidden fees. You can switch between available plans or end your contract anytime with no penalty. You might encounter additional costs or Marketplace Fee modifications in your earnings statement, including:

    • Promotion fees: If you’re running a marketing or ads campaign through our in-app solutions, the amount you spend will come out of your earnings.

    • Order error adjustments: These adjustments are the eligible customer refund costs that are deducted from payouts for circumstances within your business’s control, and after fraud checks.

    • Taxes: Application of sales tax varies depending on the country, state, and local jurisdictions where your business is located.

¹The pricing plans reflected on this page may not be available in your region.

²You'll be charged fees on orders. If at the end of each month you've received 20 or fewer orders, we'll refund the fees you've paid. To be eligible, you must: 1) cancel no more than 3 orders and 2) be available on Uber Eats at least 95% of regular store hours.

³Ads credit matching will be based on the amount you spend, up to $50,00. We’ll start matching on the first day of a new month after you join the platform and continue each month after that. Credits will expire at the end of each month; for example, if you spend $25 in your second month, you’ll have until the end of the third month to spend the matched $25.

⁴Based on internal data.

Please reach out to customer support or your account manager if you have questions.

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