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Get Uber Direct: branded by you, delivered with Uber.

Offer on-demand delivery. No hidden charges.

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What is Uber Direct?

Add fast and reliable local delivery to your own sales channels with Uber Direct, our white-label delivery-as-a-service. Receive orders directly from your app or website or by phone, and get your goods delivered with Uber's global courier network.

Benefits of Uber Direct

Uber Direct is our white-label delivery solution that lets you offer on-demand delivery on your website or app. Use it to help delight your customers and build brand loyalty.

Fast and reliable

Get your customers what they want. At the tap of a button your customers can select express or same-day delivery. Delivered with Uber in minutes.

Seamless workflow

Place orders via the API or via the Uber Direct dashboard, or integrate through one of our channel partners. The Uber Direct API makes it easy to integrate with your existing order management system.

Tailored fees

No hidden charges. Manage your delivery options without incurring the cost of your own delivery fleet. Stay in control of your brand and manage your customer data.

Pay a fee per delivery—no commissions

Uber Direct is a cost-effective way to deliver your products and meet your customers’ expectations.

Flexible delivery options for your customers

Delivery in under 2 hours

When the earliest availability is important to customers, get it delivered in under 2 hours.

Same-day delivery

When overnight isn't soon enough for customers, get it delivered before the end of the day.

Scheduled delivery

When customers want peace of mind, preplan the delivery up to 30 days in advance.

Why you should use Uber Direct white-label delivery

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Choose the option that’s best for you

Select an integrated technology solution that works for your business. Switch whenever you want—Uber Direct can evolve to meet your delivery needs.

Option 1

Platform partners

For businesses offering any amount of deliveries per month

  • Activate through your existing POS, OMS, or other platforms for automated order processing
  • Easy onboarding
  • Technical integration through your platform partner
Option 2

Direct API

For businesses with 1,000+ deliveries per month

  • Integrate with the Direct API for automated ordering processing
  • Technical integration is required
Option 3

Direct dashboard

For businesses with less than 1,000 deliveries per month

  • Use the Uber Direct Dashboard for manual order processing
  • Easy onboarding
  • No technical integration

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How Uber Direct works

Step 1:

Offer delivery through your channels

Provide your customers with multiple delivery options from your app, website, or phone channels.

Step 2:

Request delivery through our platform

Send delivery requests by connecting with your existing POS or OMS, using the Uber Direct dashboard, or integrating with the Uber Direct API.

Step 3:

Fulfill delivery orders

Once confirmed, get your products delivered based on your customers’ preferences. Share real-time updates, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and live location tracking with your customers by text.

Access technical support for troubleshooting. And resolve your customer issues quickly through Uber’s merchant support.

“With Uber Direct, our orders go out quickly. The delivery time is really good due to Uber’s third-party logistics. As a result, customer satisfaction is high.”

Melina Rönpagel, Senior Manager of Digital at Burger King, Germany

Get started with Uber Direct

Grow your business with Uber Direct and Uber Eats

Whether you’re looking to generate more demand or add to your delivery capabilities, partner with us using one service or a combination of services. Expand your reach by listing your business on the Uber Eats marketplace, and give your customers a fast and reliable way to get your products from your channels using Uber Direct.

Our channels

Uber Eats marketplace

  • Offer online ordering and delivery by listing your business on the Uber Eats marketplace
  • Reach new customers on the Uber Eats marketplace
  • Pay a percentage Marketplace Fee for delivery and pickup orders
Your channels

Uber Direct white-label service

  • Offer delivery through your own channels by using Uber Direct, our white-label delivery service
  • Build a direct relationship with regular customers and meet their demand through your sales channels
  • Pay a Delivery Fee for delivery orders

Frequently asked questions

  • Uber Direct is for merchants who are looking to drive revenue by offering on-demand delivery directly from their own sales channels (e.g. website, app and phone).

  • Our service is available on demand for you. Charges apply per delivery - there are no setup costs, commissions, or monthly minimum fees! The base fee per delivery is 7.90€ for the first 500m. For every additional 500m, we charge an additional 0,60€.

  • Packages may be as large as a suitcase and as heavy as 23 kg. Uber Direct delivers packages for almost all industries, including groceries, retail, restaurants, spirits, pet supplies, florists, and much more! However, there may be restrictions for certain product categories (e.g., pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco).

  • Uber Direct and Uber Eats are two ways Uber helps merchants provide the convenience of delivery to their customers.

    Uber Direct is a white-label solution that allows merchants to add on-demand delivery to their own website, app, or other sales channels.

    Uber Eats is an online marketplace where merchants are listed side-by-side, offering their products for delivery and pick-up for customers.

    Many merchants drive revenue by using both Uber Direct and Uber Eats together. Uber Direct empowers merchants to serve their loyal customer base by offering delivery to those that order directly via the merchant’s own sales channels. Uber Eats connects merchants with new customers they may otherwise never have the chance to serve.

  • You have two options for customer support:

    • Uber-managed support: Ensure your customers can resolve delivery issues quickly when you subscribe to Uber-managed customer support.
    • Supplemental support: Provide customer support directly, and only escalate issues to Uber support from your support team as needed.
  • Within our delivery areas, you can offer deliveries within a radius of 10 kilometers using Uber Direct. If desired, larger distances can also be possible.

  • Please fill in our intake form so our Uber Direct experts can reach you on gaining access to Uber Direct! If you use a channel partner such as a POS or online ordering system (e.g. Square, Olo, Bringg, ChowNow), you may also ask your channel partner directly for integration options into Uber Direct or fill out the intake form.

Already an Uber Direct customer?

*Offer limited to first-time Uber Direct users only and valid 14 days from sign up. Offer valid for up to 5 completed deliveries with Uber Direct. Credit will be applied to your billing statement within 24 hours after trip completion. Offer is non-transferable. Offer not valid on canceled trips. Canceled deliveries shall still be subject to any applicable cancellation fees. Offer availability may vary by location. Offer and terms are subject to change or cancellation.

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