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Activate Uber Direct through one of our platform partners

To give you a quick and seamless way to activate Uber Direct, we’ve integrated with some of the top technology platforms in the market.

Browse our partners below to see who we work with.

Benefits of using an Uber Direct platform partner

Use your existing technology stack

With ready-to-use, high-quality integrations, you can quickly activate Uber Direct through platforms you already use without needing additional technical development.

Get best-in-class tech, built for you

All of our Uber Direct platform partners go through a technical certification process to ensure that you’re getting a great experience if you choose to use them.

Grow your business

Seamlessly fulfill demand from your own channels and get new customers directly from within your existing technology platforms.

Would you rather activate a different way?

Choose the button below to find other options for getting started with Uber Direct.

Looking to list directly on the Uber Eats app?

If you're looking for information about partners that are integrated with Uber Eats Marketplace, visit here.


Frequently asked questions

  • You certainly don’t have to! We have platform partners in case they work best with how you run your business. If you prefer to integrate with our API or use our Uber Direct dashboard solution, you can learn more on this page.

  • You can choose the link below that partner’s logo (above) for more instructions on how to get started with Uber Direct. Or reach out to your platform partner’s account manager or support team for guidance on getting started.

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