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Design your business’s menu with Menu Maker

Easily create, edit, and update all parts of your menu, so you can serve up exactly what your customers want. Menu Maker is a fast, flexible tool built right into our platform.

Building your menu is a piece of cake

We’ll help create your menu and give you the tools to update it as needed in a few easy-to-follow steps. Add or remove items, upload photos, update prices, change menu categories, and more.

Bring your offerings to life

See how easy it is to create, customize and change your menu to appeal to everyone’s palate.


Frequently asked questions

  • You can access Menu Maker by signing in to Uber Eats Manager, then clicking Menu in the left navigation.

  • Look for an email titled “Uber Eats Login Details,” which should include your username and password. If you need help finding this or resetting your info, you can reach out to Support here.

  • For merchants brand-new to the Uber Eats app, your initial menus will be created by the Uber Eats team. However, once initial menus are created in Uber Eats Manager, you’ll be able to edit them or add new menus with Menu Maker.

  • At this time, menus for different store locations will need to be updated individually. Menu Maker cannot currently make menu edits that span multiple store locations.

  • Merchants that use the Menu API will not be able to update their menus using Menu Maker at this time. Please manage all menu updates through the API. If you need help, contact your account manager.

  • Except for uploading photos, any change saved in Menu Maker will be live to customers right away. You can see a log of all the changes made to your menu by clicking on See changes in the top right corner of Menu Maker. Uploaded photos need to be reviewed by Uber Eats before they go live. Reviews typically take 3-5 days. We’ll either approve the images or request that you take new ones and submit them again. Upon approval, photos will be visible to customers right away. Click here to see Uber Eats photo guidelines.

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