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Keep regulars coming back with loyalty programs

Reward regulars to encourage repeat business. Uber Eats Manager gives you flexible tools to create customizable deals and referral offers that can be edited, added to, or turned off on the fly.

Already a merchant? Try out loyalty programs.

Reward repeat business to increase revenue

Boost your sales

Even a slight uptick in customer loyalty can increase profits. Merchants who offer loyalty programs typically increase sales by up to 10%.*

Attract new regulars

Entice new customers to try your menu, and reward them for coming back. You can create order-based or spending-based loyalty programs.

Get more eyes on your storefront

Stand out on Uber Eats. Merchants with loyalty programs show up in a featured section of the app and get their own special branding.

Build customer loyalty without the hassle

Incentivize repeat business. The Marketing tab in Uber Eats Manager gives you access to tools that make it simple to put together enticing loyalty programs.

Set a goal, see the results

  • Attract new customers

    Boost awareness of your business with ads and offers.

  • Increase order volume

    Entice customers to choose you over competitors with ads and offers.

  • Get larger orders

    Encourage customers to spend more by offering a deal.

  • Build loyalty

    Reward your best customers with discounts for repeat orders.

  • Grow your following

    Connect with customers and extend your brand with social tools.


How to launch a loyalty program

Step 1: Visit Uber Eats Manager

Sign in and look for the Marketing tab in the navigation.

Step 2: Customize your program

Select the program type, then choose your earning criteria and reward.

Step 3: Go live and reward your fans

Customers earn rewards from your business, so they’ll know where to return.

Learn to create successful loyalty programs

Use this guide to help you get the most out of your loyalty programs on the Uber Eats platform.

Frequently asked questions

  • Log in to Uber Eats Manager and select your program type to get started. Choose between an order-based or spending-based program; customers can earn rewards after a set amount of orders with a minimum ticket size or after spending a set amount.

  • Loyalty programs work just as they would in your store. The cost goes to your business when a reward issued is redeemed.

  • Merchants with loyalty programs get special branding and can appear in priority sections of the app. This makes it more likely that users will find you. After a customer orders from you, they’ll be able to track their reward progress in a dedicated spot in the app.

*Based on pilots in the US and Costa Rica from September 2019 to February 2020 that included over 1,000 restaurants.

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