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Launch a virtual restaurant

Create delivery-only restaurants that you can operate directly out of your existing restaurant kitchen without opening a new space.

Expand with less hassle and risk

Explore new revenue opportunities

With a delivery-only menu, you can access our marketplace to reach new customers and help increase your profit margins.

Respond to local demand

Uber Eats data can help you identify what people are searching for in your area, so you can build menus that attract more customers.

Experiment with freedom

Virtual restaurants let you test new menus, items, and hours—all without the risks of opening a new brick-and-mortar business.

“It’s been amazing to open up another restaurant concept within the same brick-and-mortar.”

Navin Hariprasad, Owner, Lucky Cat Vegan

Frequently asked questions

  • Creating a virtual restaurant through Uber Eats lets restaurant owners host a separate restaurant concept within an existing brick-and-mortar restaurant on Uber Eats.

  • Once your restaurants are activated, customers see 2 restaurants on the Uber Eats app they can order from: your physical restaurant menu and your virtual restaurant menu.

    Each virtual restaurant has a unique name, listing, and endorsement in the Uber Eats app that links back to the physical, parent restaurant (you). This way, your customers will always know where their food is coming from.

  • This program allows you to create new brands and deliver new cuisines to customers, without the risk and expense of opening another physical location.

  • A virtual restaurant must be run out of an existing kitchen licensed by the state to sell food.

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