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Webinar: Tactics and strategy for delivery platform marketing

September 8, 2022

Featured speakers

Laura Sandoval

Laura Sandoval, Head of Media and Entertainment, Uber Advertising

Steph So

Steph So, Head of Digital Experience, Shake Shack

Webinar overview

As more businesses join third-party delivery platforms, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to find ways to stand out from the pack.

In a webinar discussion hosted by Food On Demand, Laura Sandoval (Head of Media and Entertainment at Uber Advertising) and Steph So (Head of Digital Experience at Shake Shack) share how businesses can create eye-catching storefronts on third-party delivery platforms that drive demand and encourage customers to keep ordering.

Listen as 2 experts from Uber and Shake Shack explore the following topics:

How to translate brand values

The 3 pillars that guide Shake Shack’s marketing efforts, and the ways they come to life on Uber Eats

Digital menu optimization

Creating third-party delivery menus that catch customers’ attention, promote item discovery, and drive orders

In-app marketing tools

How running ads and offers in the Uber Eats app has helped Shake Shack reach new customers and increase sales

The power of partnership

Strategies for maximizing a partnership with Uber Eats, and the importance of making data-backed decisions

Tips and tricks for businesses like yours

Looking for highlights from the conversation? Here are a few tactics and considerations that proved to be effective for the Shake Shack team on Uber Eats:

Keep your storefront hero image fresh

When Shake Shack launches new seasonal menu items, it will update its hero image to show off all new offerings in one shot. This allows customers to become familiar with new items over the course of a few weeks, while generating excitement when new items drop.

Encourage customers to scroll through your menu

Early on, Shake Shack received feedback from the Uber Eats team that its menu was too short. Many customers enjoy the scrolling experience. Look for ways to double-expose items—for example, featuring a seasonal drink in a Specials category and again in a Beverages category.

Combine in-app marketing tactics to maximize results

At one point, Shake Shack was ready to take a limited-time offer off its menus but noticed it still had some supply. The restaurant decided to run a Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) offer for the item on Uber Eats and paired it with an ad to increase visibility in the feed. The result: a nearly 30% lift in sales—and far less food waste.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Shake Shack will test ads and offers for specific locations, while leaving other locations organic. Or turn on campaigns at different times of the day across different storefronts and compare the results. Identify the goals you’re hoping to achieve, then test and learn to see which tactics work best. Remember to let your campaigns run for at least 2 weeks before you make any changes.

Be mindful of the bigger picture

Just because marketing can be effective doesn’t mean it should be the default approach. For example, it might not be wise to launch an offer for a brand-new menu item that the kitchen is still learning to prepare, or when in-store foot traffic spikes during a parade. Keep a close eye on what’s going on inside the 4 walls of your operation.

“Third-party delivery platforms are hugely important to us. We think through every aspect that goes into the experience so that it feels true to our brand—from menu design and photography to the marketing campaigns we run. We have a great rhythm with our team at Uber Eats that allows us to review and refine our performance. It’s powerful to see this momentum really build over time.”

Steph So, Head of Digital Experience, Shake Shack

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