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Zappo: where pizza delivery drives dine-in

July 12, 2022 | Global

Georgy Sfez had no idea that partnering with Uber Eats would help build a dine-in guest base. But Lyonnaise delivery customers are filling tables, seeking pizza in-person. Here’s how it happened.

On the menu

Award-winning brick oven pizza


2 restaurants in Lyon

Delivery goal

Increase awareness and drive sales

Pizza with delicious French flair

Georgy Sfez has put Lyonnaise pizza on the map. Coming from a long line of Parisian restaurateurs, he decided this culinary capital of France was the perfect place to try something different. Georgy teamed up with award-winning pizzaiolo Chef Alex Monterosso (after tasting his famous pizza). From there, Zappo was born.

His all-Italian staff serves authentic pizza with a few unconventional toppings. Fresh burrata, salmon, truffle oil, and even local French cheeses grace crisp, melt-in-your-mouth crusts. They’re shamelessly breaking a few pizza rules (in delicious ways). For Chef Alex, his menu is a work of art. As he puts it, “Each creation is like a new baby for me; it’s a new start. It’s something I'm extremely passionate about.”

“Uber Eats is also a communication tool...thanks to visibility on their platform, we also get customers in the restaurant who discovered us via Uber Eats.”

From delivery to dine-in

Once Zappo’s menu was perfected, Georgy needed to get pizza into people’s mouths. He knew Uber Eats could streamline delivery, and he partnered with us right when he opened. He also sensed the partnership could help him reach hungry locals who’d never heard of Zappo. It helped him do that, and more.

Partnering with Uber Eats made Zappo visible to customers in the area right when the business opened. From there, Georgy found that these new customers ordering from the Uber Eats app were becoming loyal dine-in guests. People were venturing to restaurant to try his unique creations in person. Filling up tables. Filling up on pizza.

Expanding to Vieux Lyon

Two years later, Zappo is bustling. Customers pour in with their families, passing delivery people using the Uber platform on their way out. Following the success, Georgy is expanding with another location, telling us, “We recently opened a new business in Vieux Lyon, reinforced by our partnership with Uber Eats. And we have other projects in the pipeline.” We’re here to see and taste what’s next.*

*Uber Eats connects restaurants to delivery people using the Uber platform.

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