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Going beyond the blender

May 12, 2022 | Global

When Tropical Smoothie Cafe partnered with the Uber Eats platform, they were excited to connect to more customers searching for smoothies. But as the orders continue to roll in, a new side of their business has been unlocked.

Partner cuisine

Tropical Smoothie Cafe serves fresh smoothies and healthy food

National scope

Over 50% of U.S. stores are delivering in year 1, on track for 100% in year 2

New growth

Non-smoothie items are a surprise hit with customers on the Uber Eats app

With the Uber Eats platform, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is putting its full menu to work

Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s big, flavorful smoothies continue to be a hit. But it didn’t take long for the brand to realize the incremental sales went beyond smoothies, as customers took notice of their healthier sandwiches and wraps in the Uber Eats app.

Smoothies still account for the brand’s top five most-ordered menu items by customers on the Uber Eats app, but non-smoothie orders make up roughly 62% of sales on the platform.*

“Delivery encourages more food sales, literally flipping the in-cafe model upside down.”

— Lindsay Holl, Senior Manager, Marketing Technology and Digital Sales

Franchisees plug in

From POS integration to menus, new franchise owners like Andrew Howell got set up on the Uber Eats platform with ease. “The onboarding tablet showed up. I plugged it in. All of a sudden, two orders instantly popped up,” he recalls. Now all of Andrew’s locations connect with delivery people using the Uber Eats platform. “It’s part of our opening package, and it really showcases that we have food as well.”

The Uber Eats platform gives franchise owners a chance to reach new customers and drive more sales. “Franchisees are finding delivery ticket averages surpass dine-in ticket averages,” Lindsay Holl explains.

“I found that it helped me get business I wouldn’t otherwise get,” adds Nick Crouch, another franchisee.

Smooth sailing ahead

The way we see it, our partnership with Tropical Smoothie Cafe is only the first chapter in a longer story. We will continue to give them an efficient platform for growth - because that’s what we do for every partner.

So, what’s your story? Whether you’re a global fast-food brand or a neighborhood noodle shop, each restaurant is unique. That’s why we tailor each partnership for success - working closely from the very start - to help your business in new and unexpected ways.

*Food items comprised 62% of Tropical Smoothie Cafe sales on the Uber Eats app from 09/01/2018 to 12/01/2018.

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