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Nationally recognized Tops Diner expands its reach with Uber Eats

June 15, 2022 | United States

On the menu

Shrimp mac n’ cheese, meatloaf and gravy, lemon chicken piccata


1 diner in Harrison, NJ

Delivery goal

Reach new and existing customers, grow the business

Meeting customers where they are

When Jimmy Golemis and his brothers took over the Tops Diner from their father in 2003, they were determined to honor its rich history while also putting their own stamp on it. Established in 1940, Tops Diner is popular with generations of local diners. High-profile politicians such as governors and presidential candidates often stop by for photo opportunities. “We are the quintessential, timeless diner, yet we like to push the envelope at the same time. Our team zeros in on the menu and tries to elevate everything on it, from new Asian-inspired seafood dishes to old-school disco fries,” says Golemis.

In recent years, positive press reviews have brought in customers from further afield, making Tops Diner a true destination restaurant. The additional customers have sometimes meant longer wait times, an occasional source of frustration for regulars. After some initial reluctance, Jimmy and his team joined Uber Eats to serve customers who prefer to order delivery. “We want to meet our customers where they are—literally. Whether it’s on our site or on the Uber Eats app, we like to offer multiple ordering options and see what works best for them. With online ordering, there is no Delivery Fee, which was really important to us,” says Golemis.

A strong delivery system

When COVID hit, Golemis and his team were grateful that they already had a strong delivery system in place with Uber Eats. To support the larger volume of deliveries they were receiving during the pandemic, they cleared out 4 booths in their temporarily closed restaurant. Now, Golemis and team are opening a newly designed, 16,000-square-foot restaurant space on the same lot as the old one with a dedicated section for off-premise orders.

“In a sign of the times, it’s going to have 800 square feet dedicated solely to Uber Eats pickups. There will also be more room for seating, so we can accommodate more customers than in the past while keeping a focus on top-notch food quality and service,” adds Golemis.

Given how strong the relationship has been, Tops Diner now exclusively partners with Uber Eats for delivery.

“Uber Eats really saved us during COVID. They take our feedback seriously. As a restaurant owner, the input I get from customers is crucial to our business. If our food quality is off, I want to hear about it. I’m glad Uber takes the same customer-focused approach,” says Golemis.

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