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Tender Greens and Tocaya: A fresh spin on traditional comfort food

September 7, 2022 | United States

One Table Restaurant Brands (OTRB) is a parent company formed in 2021 by the combination of two of California's most popular fast casual restaurant concepts, Tocaya and Tender Greens. Both Tender Greens and Tocaya are known for their fresh, locally grown ingredients. Tender Greens’ chef-driven menu delivers an elevated spin on the comfort dishes you love. Tocaya uses bold flavors and the best ingredients to create their signature “Modern Mexican” cuisine.

By the numbers


delivered with Uber


Delivering exclusively with Uber

Both brands have embraced the growing trend to online ordering and delivery, making their menus available to customers on the Uber Marketplace, as well as on their own websites and online ordering apps. We spoke with Matt Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of One Table Restaurant Brands to understand how they are working with Uber to grow their online business, one delivery at a time.

Growing across channels with Uber Eats and Uber Direct

Tender Greens and Tocaya set high standards for their customer experience across all aspects of their food and the service. Having experienced the reliability of the Uber delivery network before and during the pandemic, they felt confident choosing Uber Direct as their exclusive partner for delivery of online orders received through their branded websites and online ordering app. With Uber Direct, they maintain control over the entire customer experience, from enabling customers who order directly from the Tender Greens and Tocaya apps to earn loyalty points to keeping customers in the loop on their same-day delivery status.

Can data be delicious?

Working with Uber to serve customers who order online from the Uber Eats app, as well as from their own branded websites and apps, provides OTRB with many advantages. One of the most important is access to customer insights and macro data that helps OTRB react to consumer trends more quickly, and make more informed business decisions. As an example, OTRB brands use macro data from Uber to define optimal delivery areas for each location.

"One of the biggest advantages of the Uber platform is that there is just so much data available to us to help us make smarter decisions."

Matt Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, One Table Restaurant Brands

Dive deeper: Why Uber Direct?

With Uber Direct, Tocaya and Tender Greens power on-demand delivery right from their own sales channels. In a webinar hosted by Tom Kaiser, Editor of Food On Demand, Matt Smith joins Uber Direct’s Bernie Huddlestun to discuss how using this service across the OTRB portfolio has helped:

  • Boost sales by expanding delivery capabilities and geographic coverage
  • Deepen relationships by collecting valuable data about customer preferences
  • Reduce operating costs by leveraging Uber’s delivery network and logistics expertise
  • Diversify goals by using Uber Direct to promote customer loyalty and the Uber marketplace to promote brand discovery
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