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Slices of Bronx history, going farther

June 12, 2022 | United States

For decades it’s remained one of the Bronx’s best kept secrets. Now, by partnering with Uber Eats, the family-run Pugsley Pizza is connecting with delivery people using the Uber platform to become a household name in more dining rooms.

What’s cooking

Classic New York pizza, pasta, and more


One NYC location near Fordham University, in the Bronx

Delivery goal

Reaching pizza lovers in new neighborhoods

Pugsley Pizza is spreading the family recipe far and wide

In the Bronx, there’s a modest lot tucked away behind the always-busy Fordham Road. “This place here started as nothing,” recalls Sal Natale. In fact, it started as a small junkyard.

But since 1985, it’s been home to Pugsley Pizza, a staple of the neighborhood that’s served up memories

and mouth-watering slices to generations of Fordham students. “It’s kind of a stage for the college and the students,” Sal says. “It’s a reflection of them.”

Pizza and poetry

There is a special kind of energy inside Pugsley Pizza. Thirty-five years’ worth of photos and hand-drawn signs cover the walls and countertops. They broadcast nuggets of humor and inspiration – many coined by Sal, a self-described “poet, romantic, musician, and pizza man” who spent his childhood in Sicily.

You’ll even see Sal’s mantra, “Love is it,” scrawled everywhere from walls to the front door.

“I was three years old when they opened up this pizzeria,” says Pietro, Sal’s eldest son, who now splits ownership of Pugsley Pizza with his father. “I don’t even remember learning how to make pizza – that’s how young I was.”

“Everybody here makes pizza,” Sal adds with a nod toward his daughter. “Ali makes the best pizza.”

“We make our own bread. We make a few hot sandwiches, the pizza, a couple dishes of pasta – and lots of excitement.”

The next chapter

One recent addition to a wall inside Pugsley Pizza? An Uber Eats tablet. For any pizzeria, delivery and success go hand in hand. But why make changes to your delivery operation after decades of success? Why partner with Uber Eats?

“We have delivery guys who have bicycles, but they only deliver so far,” explains Pietro. “A lot of people were like, ‘Oh, if you had Uber Eats, we could order out of the neighborhood.”

A few months later, Pugsley Pizza is already seeing their time-tested menu reach farther than it has for decades — thanks to delivery people on the Uber platform. “Definitely farther than we were able to go,” Pietro adds.

Our team at Uber Eats couldn’t be more excited to help their signature slices continue to reach new customers – still sizzling. Because it may be true that nothing beats a warm greeting from Sal in person. But a piping-hot penne vodka pizza isn’t far behind, no matter where you eat it.

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