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Meal Ticket Brands: Expanding ghost kitchen delivery

August 25, 2022 | Global

The Joseph Richard Group (JRG) was started by André “Joseph” Bourque and Ryan “Richard” Moreno, childhood friends who opened their first restaurant location together in 2009. Since then, they’ve grown The Joseph Richard Group into a diverse set of businesses that includes bars and restaurants, a catering company, an estate winery, a boutique hotel, and proprietary beer and wine labels. In 2019 they created Meal Ticket Brands in order to incorporate virtual restaurants into their portfolio, first for themselves, and now expanding to consult with other companies to help launch and grow virtual kitchen concepts online.

Partnership by the numbers


From signature to the first order

Sales Increase

Supercharged growth

JRG is no stranger to third-party delivery. They began working with Uber Eats to expand the reach of their traditional restaurants with pickup and delivery in 2017. While they began exploring the role of virtual kitchens prior to the 2020 pandemic, the lockdowns across Canada supercharged their growth in this area, driving 200% growth in online sales and leading them to form a virtual restaurant group called Meal Ticket Brands.

Virtual kitchen strategy based on consumer demand

With the help of their Uber Eats account manager, Meal Ticket Brands and JRG were able to identify gaps between consumer demand and delivery supply in key Canadian markets, leading to opportunities for new virtual restaurant concepts. After launching virtual brands within ghost kitchens provided by JRG bricks & mortar locations, Meal Ticket began outreach to restaurants with the goal of supporting other local businesses in the same way, utilizing excess capacity in well-established kitchens.

“Meal Ticket helps restaurants optimize kitchen capacity and leverage existing staff to maximize their effectiveness and grow their revenue. The Uber Eats platform is a critical tool in helping restaurants expand in this way.”

—Jason Apple, Director of Growth & Brand Development

Hospitality at your fingertips

Responding to reviews and comments is a critical part of growing a virtual brand online. Uber Eats helps Meal Ticket Brands respond quickly to customer comments and needs across all of their virtual concepts. Insights from their customer interactions have helped them improve their menus, and fine-tune their packaging to not only keep things hot/cold but also to make their packaging more sustainable.

“The Uber Eats platform gives us the ability to see how we’re doing, to learn from our customers, and to win customers back if something goes wrong.”

— Danielle Ashworth, Director of Operations


The strong partnership with Uber Eats has helped Meal Ticket Brands grow, with a portfolio that now includes 16 concepts and more than 180 virtual storefronts. The Uber Eats platform makes it possible for Meal Ticket Brands to launch new brands or additional ghost kitchens in as few as 3 weeks. The Uber Eats Manager app makes it easy for the Meal Ticket Brands team to manage and fine-tune menus, track performance, and launch promotions and ad campaigns—all from a single platform.

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