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Groupe Barroco expands with delivery-focused digital hospitality

August 1, 2022 | Canada

Groupe Barroco, headquartered in Montreal, is a restaurant group developed by experienced industry professionals looking to create restaurants and bars that reflect their passion for hospitality and innovation. They started with one restaurant, Barroco, 14 years ago. Groupe Barroco gradually expanded into more businesses while creating a recognizable brand synonymous with quality and an exceptional customer experience.

Online focus



A shift to online ordering

Groupe Barroco began working with Uber Eats in early 2020. They sought to expand their reach beyond a traditional dining experience. With the pandemic limiting in-house dining, they opened a new concept called Fugazzi Presto focused on delivering pizza to customers in lockdown. With the help of Uber Eats and their new concept, they kept their kitchen humming.

“We understood really quickly there was an opportunity to grow in the online delivery space using Uber Eats, and we decided to focus on it 100% to study it, to take risks, and it paid off.”

Roberto Porres, Owner & Co-founder

Digital hospitality

Unable to rely on their traditional high-touch, in-restaurant experience, they came up with creative alternatives to their approach, including postcards, stickers, and packaging designed by local artists. They also leveraged the Uber Eats platform to manage and respond to customer reviews.

“The Uber Eats ratings and reviews section enables us to gather more feedback than we would have from customers in a restaurant. We can then take corrective action where needed, to ensure we provide our customers with the best quality experience.”

Jeremy Barnabas, Director of Operations

Offers and promotions

Uber Eats helped the team introduce their restaurants to a whole new audience. They used Uber Eats promotions to attract new customers who hadn’t been to their restaurants, and also used these deals to further engage with customers following negative experiences. All told, they were able to maintain their brand and grow the business in challenging times.

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