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Coolhaus: cool, quirky, and crafted for delivery

September 1, 2022 | Global

For Natasha Case, building the perfect ice cream sandwich was the easy part. The challenge? Delivering her frozen comfort food wherever customers crave dessert.

On the menu

Delicious and unusual ice cream pints, sandwiches, and shakes


2 LA storefronts, 10 ice cream trucks, and national grocery distribution

Delivery goal

Grow and innovate business via improved reach and new customer insights

As an Uber Eats restaurant partner, Coolhaus builds demand for dessert

“You’re kinda like a zombie after dinner...until you’ve had your ice cream,” muses Natasha Case. It’s something the CEO and co-founder of Coolhaus lives by.

Today, her ice cream business has a cult-like fanbase in and around its home base of Los Angeles. Known as much for its indulgent recipes as its cleverly named flavors, Coolhaus combines Natasha’s present with her past.

During her early career as an architect, Natasha cheered up the office with her ice cream sandwich creations. She dubbed this architecture + food concept “Farchitecture”. And in many ways, this laid the foundation for a delicious future.

“Uber Eats helps bring in new customers. People in a new area can search and discover us now.”

Crafting with care, and quirkiness

Getting started as an ice cream entrepreneur wasn’t easy. Natasha recalls, “When you start out, you’re like, ‘Oh, there’s a way it’s supposed to be done.’ And then you realize what people actually want is the realness of who you are and what’s weird about the look and feel of your brand. People like the wackiness.”

That’s why Natasha decided early on to embrace the quirks of her product, as well as her customers. She encouraged newcomers to enjoy flavors like Milkshake & Fries and Dirty Mint Chip, and Black Sesame when, how, and where they wanted. On the street. In bed. Before brunch. Wherever they felt most comfortable.

“The whole point is that people want to enjoy their food at home,” she remarks. But delivering ice cream to locations like these would require a special kind of partnership. Enter: Uber Eats—connecting her to delivery people on the Uber platform.

Sweet discoveries

Hold up, Ice cream for delivery? If the idea is melting your mind, think again. “I haven’t seen one complaint about our ice cream not making it through Uber Eats,” says Natasha. Uber Eats insights even gave her new insights into what people wanted, like packs of cookies.

“There are things I never would have guessed would be popular on Uber Eats,” Natasha admits. She also notes that customers tend to have bigger basket sizes when ordering through the app. “I’m sure it’s because people can just tack on extras.”

Aside from delivery people using the Uber Eats platform, Natasha now has 10 ice cream trucks, two scoop shops in LA, and national grocery syndication for her product. We’re excited to see how far her ice cream empire expands, and to help her provide the best possible experience to anyone with a sweet tooth. Because we know that’s what Natasha hopes to do, too. “It’s a true partnership with Uber Eats,” she says.

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