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Why a perfectionist prefers partnering with Uber Eats

September 2, 2022 | Global

Carl Clarke’s guilt-free fried chicken is a gamechanger. But now that fans expect only the freshest sandwiches from Chik’n, he counts on delivery people using the Uber Eats platform to keep customers satisfied.

On the menu

Painstakingly crafted, made-to-order fried chicken sandwiches


1 location in the heart of London

Delivery goals

Get sandwiches, wings, and fries to customers reliably

Meet Carl Clarke of Chik'n

Chik’n sets a high bar, wherever it travels

Carl Clarke has been in the restaurant game for 35 years. He knows a thing or two about staying relevant in an ever-changing industry. Co-founder of the beloved Chicken ‘n’ Sours in London, Carl is a self-proclaimed inventor of crazy ideas. And you’d better believe they’re paying off.

His latest venture, Chik’n, pushes the experience toward customer convenience without sacrificing the quality they’ve come to expect from Carl. “I’m obsessed with quality,” the restaurant veteran says. “If you could mark it out of 10, I’m probably up there with a 30.”

“We want to be the guys that are known for making the best fried chicken sandwich in the world, and that’s our vision.”

Fine-tuning every detail

Carl and his team spent 7 years developing their flour mix. The recipe for their sandwich buns took a year to perfect. So when Carl first decided to broaden his business’ footprint in London, delivery was an option. But off-premise dining was a scary proposition.

His team at Chik’n tested delivery extensively, on their own. Carl even designed packaging to ensure everything leaving the restaurant would arrive in the best possible condition. He found that his custom-made packaging helped matters, but reliable service was essential. After researching his options, Carl partnered with Uber Eats to connect with delivery people using the Uber platform to provide reliable delivery to his customers.

Innovating to feed demand

“We're still constantly looking at what's new – what new tech there is out there,” Carl adds. “We’ve been using Uber Eats since the beginning of this journey.” Connecting with delivery people using the Uber platform gives him peace of mind. Crucially, it also gives Chik’n a new stream of revenue.

“It’s definitely increased sales,” Carl adds. “It's a very powerful thing for getting our chicken sandwiches out to people that maybe can't get to the store.” And that will be key to helping Chik’n spreads its wings even further, opening new locations in different neighborhoods. “Uber Eats will definitely be a part of that,” he says. “It’s spreading the love.”

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