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Carolina Ale House drives new and repeat business with marketing solutions

September 7, 2022 | Global

On the menu

Burgers, chicken wings, tacos, dozens of ales


27 restaurants across the South

Delivery goal

Reach new customers and grow business

Since it was first founded in 1999, Carolina Ale House has been known for its good food and fun, energetic atmosphere. Over the years, it has expanded across the South and now counts 27 locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. As it has grown, delivery and takeout have become more crucial parts of the business, and Carolina Ale House uses all 3 marketing solutions available to restaurant partners in Uber Eats Manager.

“This year has been a milestone for us in terms of delivery,” says Tyler Kaune, head of strategic technologies. “Before COVID, we did 7-8% of our sales through it. During the pandemic it has been as high as 80% when the restaurants were closed for dine-in business. Uber Eats has been a crucial part of this equation and helped us to scale up quickly.”

Complete set of marketing solutions

There are 3 marketing solutions available in Uber Eats Manager:

  • Promotions help showcase limited-time discounts on orders
  • Loyalty Program enables restaurants to reward their customers when they spend a certain amount
  • Sponsored Listings help a restaurant’s visibility in the Uber Eats app

“Uber Eats Promotions, Loyalty Program, and Sponsored Listings have been a very powerful combination for us. It’s all about repetition, and customers spot us in multiple areas of the app each time they log in, it really resonates with them.”

Tyler Kaune, Carolina Ale House

Capturing new customers with Promotions

One of the things Carolina Ale House has found impressive about Uber Eats is its ability to help them reach new customers with a very low cost of acquisition. During a recent free-item promotion,* 57% of the redemptions were from new customers.

“One Uber Eats promotion we run frequently is $3 off an order $15 or higher. We’ll happily pay $3 to capture a new customer,” says Kaune. “It’s an amazing return on investment.”

And because Uber Eats Manager provides information on the performance of their promotions, the management team can gauge which ones were the most successful.

“I’m often surprised by which Uber Eats promotions resonate the most with customers,” says Kaune. “It gives us valuable insight into our menu offerings and how to best combine them.”

Loyalty Program drives repeat business

Carolina Ale House recently added a Loyalty Program that offers customers a $15 reward to use at their restaurant after spending $150. This helps to drive repeat business and rewards customers who spend a certain amount. To date, almost 7,000 customers have enrolled in Carolina Ale House’s Loyalty Program within the first 3 months of its rollout.

Carolina Ale House uses Sponsored Listings to increase their visibility in the Uber Eats home feed and to have their promotion appear earlier in search results. And by combining this solution with a promotion, Carolina Ale House gives customers an added incentive to order from them.

ROAs for Sponsored Listings 9.89 to 1*

“This year has been full of challenges, but we have pivoted and made it through in part due to partners such as Uber Eats. During the heart of last winter, when we could only rely on delivery and take out, I was the most popular guy at the company."

Tyler Kaune, Carolina Ale House

**During their November 9-December 7, 2020 free item promotion, 57% of the redemptions were from new customers. These data points are not a guarantee and performance will vary depending on your restaurant, location, the exact market conditions, etc.

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